Best DoD Drive Wipe Software

Windows is surely an operating-system known for its elevated built-in technology and proficient features. Microsoft designed it to be able to fulfill the requirements of different people based on their needs in business as well as personal environments. It is a user-friendly os. Windows have different versions of operating systems for example Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. Windows XP was renowned as more stable and efficient compared to the older versions of Windows.Hard disks are key storage components in any computer. All the data is present on the hard disks in different files formats such as FAT32, NTFS, etc. Generally, people format their hard disks before disposing or selling of their computers. If you format, the data isn’t permanently deleted only the index file entry is deleted and the data is still present on the hard disk and can be recovered with a couple of data recovery software’s. Then to delete the data permanently you should make use of sanitizer utility to wipe Windows drive completely.

Data security is the first and foremost thing that the companies or individuals should be careful about. Many of them store all their information in their computers such as the bank-account details, credit card details, business related important documents, personal photos, videos and much more. To safeguard your details and to avoid misuse of the information it will become essential to completely delete all the data in the hard disk before you are selling or donating the system. In case you are willing to change your os then also formatting the drive only deletes the file index entry and data is still present on the hard drive. Data is present until it’s overwritten by new data. Then in order to completely delete all the data you need a powerful DoD drive wipe tool that will overwrite the datawith random zeros and ones.

To secure important computer data completely you need to overwrite a new data several times in order to prevent it from others misusing it. This technique of overwriting the datamany times is extremely time consuming. To consume less time you need to choose a software that will efficiently wipe your hard disk with random garbage data. Remo Drive Wipe is an excellent tool to wipe the hard drive completely through the use of nine shredding patterns. It can make any data recovery effort unattainable.

This tool has some unique features in completely deleting drives. It removes sensitive data from the hard disk or logical drives by overwriting it many times by carefully selecting appropriate data shredding patterns and also uses several international disk sanitization standards. It makes use of nine different sanitization standards for wiping the drive. It can wipe either the complete hard disk drive or even a logical drive. It works well with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 2008.

You can download the free demo version and check its efficiency in deleting the information permanently.