Best Performing Utility to Recover iTunes Library from iPod

When my Computer gets crashed then I reinstalled it again with Windows OS. But I was unable to keep back up of music files. Now I have reinstalled the iTunes and trying to sync with iPod for back up. It shows a message that “erases all the data from iPod and sync with iTunes library”. Here iTunes library is empty and I believe, it will delete all music files also from iPod. It shows that this is new library even it is on the same Computer. Can any one suggest me how to come out of this situation and restore music from the iPod to the Computer without erasing it?

Yes, definitely it is possible to restore music files from iPod by using most popular iTunes recovery software.

This iTunes application is developed by Apple Inc and use to transfer data into other devices. Suppose you are at the position where you lost, deleted or missing data from your Computer and you don’t have proper back up to get it back. At this stage you need not worry, with the help of this advanced software you can easily retrieve deleted data from the iTunes library. In some situation you may lose music files from iTunes library as discussed below

Sometimes you have enabled the Auto Sync option on your iPod device. Whenever you connect your iPod with Windows Computer then it will automatically start Sync process. If it sync with iTunes library then it will delete the list of old music files on iPod by the new files. In some cases you turned on the Windows Computer on which you have installed the iTunes software. When you launch the iTunes software then no one list will appear or suddenly you get an error message and iTunes library gets terminated automatically. Hence, you repeat the process and try to reopen the iTunes library. You get a surprised error that “208 cannot open iTunes library”. This iTunes app comes in various versions, when you upgrade iTunes library from lower version to any higher version on your system then after upgrading the iTunes version, you find that there are very few songs.

It may be because of improper up gradation of iTunes utility. So in such case you can recover all music files from iTunes library even if you have lost or deleted. This highly qualified software helps to recover deleted music files from the various versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, etc. as well as Mac OS such as Mac OS X 1.6 Tiger, Mountain Lion, Leopard and many more. In addition it also restores deleted music files from iPod, iPad, iPhone and many other Mac machines. To get the complete knowledge how to come out of the situation where you delete music files from iTunes library, visit this page This is the easiest way to restore deleted audio files (.mp3, .wav, .avi) and video files from the iTunes library and supports recovery on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+ files system from various Mac devices on system hard disk drive.