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How to fix corrupt PST file

Now a day’s email has become a primary source of communication and for information sharing. Most of the emails users prefer MS Outlook as their email program at work because it not only manages emails but also helps to manage other information like Contacts, Calendar Events, Tasks, Appointments, RSS Feeds, etc. You might be the one among them. Outlook use .pst files as its database to store all the emails and other attributes data which user saves in his profile. Outlook works fine for long […]

Electronic mail, commonly known as email is a method of exchanging digital messages. Now a days email has become so popular that most of the people treat emailing as one of their basic need in day to day life, both for professional and for personal communication. There are various applications available which support emails transmission, one such popular application which is widely used is MS Outlook. MS Outlook is email client bundled with Microsoft Office. Along with email Outlook comes with many other attributes like […]

Outlook serves well for most of the people by managing all their day to day activities like Calendar Events, Contacts, Meeting Schedules, Appointments, Tasks, etc along with their emails. You might also be the one who appointed Outlook as an assistant at work. The most common problem with Outlook is its storage file, .i.e. PST file which can get corrupt easily. Sometimes when you are accessing or opening Outlook you may encounter with some error messages like “OL2000: Unable to Open a Shared .pst File” […]

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail client available as a separate application or as a part of Microsoft Office Suite. Now, the current version of Microsoft Outlook is Outlook 2010 and for Mac users it is Outlook 2011. When compared to other e-mail clients it has different components like Calendar, RSS feeds, Tasks, Contacts etc, which are not available in them. Microsoft Outlook can be used by multiple users in an organization to share mailboxes, exchange public folders, to schedule the meetings etc. Microsoft Outlook allows […]

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