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In these days, deletion or loss of file from the system or any other electronic devices such as camcorders, smart phones, digital cameras and more that supports or holds the slot of memory stick is the biggest problem around the world. Many users are suffering a lot by this data loss, they are losing their important files like videos, mp3 songs, word documents, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spread sheets, image files etc. And they assume that they cannot get back their deleted files. But the fact […]

Are you person who is searching for a recovery tool in order to recover lost data from computer? If your response is “YES” then you can recover your vital data by making the use Computer File Recovery tool, which is developed by the group of data recovery experts, in order to provide full support to the people who have lost data from computer. Files are accidentally deleted from the computer when the user applies shift delete combination key in order to remove data from the […]

In this technology world, many user prefer hard disk drive to store their digital data stuff for example video, pictures, office documents etc. You can divide a hard disk memory into unlimited number of partitions to store specific data into one separate partition, which makes quick access, and to find relevant data as quickly as possible. Most users believe wrongly that if data stores into a hard disk drive then data will probably be secure and safe. Usually, hard disk drive is also highly prone […]

In Windows, when you delete files or folders, they will stores into Recycle Bin. Whenever you need that file you can easily restore back. Recycle bin stores deleted files and folders in hard disk. In recycle bin also file loss may occur due to accidental deletion and exceeding the size limit of the recycling bin and emptying accidentally. This file loss may make your hectic, and you may worry for losing files. Don’t worry, still there are chances to regain files. When you delete files […]

Is it possible to restore datas from an iMac 2009 model which uses 32 bit operating system? What are all the ways available and which is the easiest way to get back the datas? I am using an iMac pc. Recently I deleted an incomplete downloaded document in a different manner. I used pico a third party text editor to delete those files and it directly throws the doc out without moving it to the trash directory. Is it possible to recover deleted file data […]

Are you seeking for the answer to question like, how to undelete files which are deleted using Shift+Delete options? Many people may not know whether it is possible to undelete files after accidental deletion? Answer of such questions is YES!!! You can recover deleted file very easily by using File Undelete Tool. When you delete some files from your system, its contents are not immediately destroyed from the hard drive. Windows just declares the space is available for use by any other file. So if […]

The files may get deleted in two different ways i.e. one is by using Shift + Delete keys and another by using Windows explorer. In Windows Operating system, when the files are deleted using Windows explorer, they have generally moved to the Windows Recycle Bin. Later, if you want those files back then you can restore them from Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin stores files and folders, which are marked for deletion. But, when the files are deleted using Shift + Delete keys, they are not […]

Storage devices such as memory card, external hard drive, hard drive and USB drives stores the user data in the digital form. The storage medium can be used for storing the files including Word document files, Excel spreadsheets, office work, study materials and some other documents. Nowadays people own desktop or laptop computers for their personal use. The hard drive is a secondary storage device used in the desktop and notebook computers. However, loss of Word document files on the storage device may occur due […]

Hard drive is a core part of your computer system where all programs and documents are stored. The technology which is used in hard drive is same as cassette tapes and video tapes. The hard drive is also called as “disk drive” or “hard disk drive”. It can store a huge number of files on its electromagnetically charged surfaces and it offers easy access to the files. The modern hard drive has a data storage capacity from several GB to 3Tera Byte (TB).  It can […]

Many times you may lose files from your computer due to user mistakes or software errors. The most common user error for loss of file is accidental formatting of hard drive. Most of the users can format a wrong partition accidentally and they will lose important files. For example, consider you have stored office files in the partition “D” where as the movies are kept in its adjacent partition “E”. After few days you may want to format partition “E” to replace old movies by […]

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