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Getting a Word file after a very long period of wait, only to find that file is corrupted can be very frustrating. Corrupt Word file is a file which has been altered during the transfer in such a manner which can no longer be opened by a supporting program. This is one of the common case with MS Office files. When you try to such type of corrupted Word files, it refuses to open them and gives the information about the corrupted files. May be […]

WinRAR is among the most used compressing in today’s era. You might have compressed files to save memory of hard disk of your computer. Compression technique converts the large size files in a small size files. WinRAR is amongst the tools to compress your large files in a smaller size file for various purposes. Transmission of files becomes a simpler task after compressing data. But you could possibly face situation of RAR files corruption. There are many reasons of corrupting RAR files. Sometimes if you […]

FAT and NTFS are the two most common file formats used in Windows Operating System. FAT stands for File Allocation Table and  NTFS stands for  New Technology File System .FAT and NTFS file systems often get damaged due to physical or logical damages caused to the hard disk. The best partition recovery software allows you to regain all the data trapped within the defected logical partitions. This application is found to be effective even if your whole hard drive has got crashed.  You can not […]

Steps to repair damaged ZIP file

In certain situations , whenever you try to access your files you may land up with some errors messages like “unable to open file”, “file not recognized”, “file cannot be accessed” etc. and will be restricted from accessing the files. These are the signs indicating the file corruption. It can be any file like word, spreadsheets, power point files, PST files, image files, audio, video etc. They become essential since they contain your crucial data either business as well as personal data, and means a […]

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