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Since 1 year, I am using Toshiba DT01ACA Series hard drive of 650GB file storage capability. In this 1 year, I have saved hundreds of important documents and media files in this hard drive without any difficulty. But, yesterday, when I tried to access my hard drive partition in my from my system, I encountered an pop up error like Disk drive not formatted; Do u want to format it? At that time, I was not able to understand the reason for that error message. […]

How to recover dead hard drive data?

You may be using a good memory hard drive for storing the important data, movies, office files and much more other stuffs, but many of the times it takes place that your hard drive gets corrupted by means of its life likely to be end, well if that’s the case & you have left with some last minutes for the recovery of data before it simply goes black out than there exists a easy freezing out idea that will surely help out to recover dead […]

Hard drive is a device useful for storing and retrieving information. So every computer user knows the significance of HDD. You can’t store your data minus the hard disk drive. There are many kinds of HDD you can find such as-SATA/SCSI/IDE/SASI/SAS/ATA etc. We can differentiate it from their pin configuration. We divide hard disk into some sectors which helps to store our data in proper manner. These sectors are known as logical sections or logical drive. There is one term called “Format”, which help to […]

Hard drive is integral part of your computer, whose major purpose is to store large amount of data in form of different files. These can be different media files like music files, videos, and photos or text files such as Word files, PowerPoint files, spreadsheets, emails, etc and lot more type of files. However there are many scenarios that could lead to the loss of these valuable files from hard disk of your Windows computer. When you are in such trouble, you need to make […]

As data loss scenarios are increasing day-by-day data, recovery software’s are also increasing. However, not all data recovery software’s can recover entire lost data. Some of the Windows data recovery software can recover entire lost data but they will take more time to recover entire data. Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro edition software is one good data recovery software which can recover not only entire lost data but also it can recover lost data very quickly. The user’s who don’t have much knowledge about computer […]

Hard drive is the secondary storage device where the user can store his files, folders and important data. There are several reasons for a hard disk to get crashed which may cause data loss from the hard drive. Formatted hard disk is the scenario in which the hard disk data is completely erased and the data stored in the disk cannot be viewed. It is possible to perform formatted hard drive recovery using a good disk recovery software. Crash hard disk may occur for many […]

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