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How to Use Mac Disk Utility?

Disk Utility is an application that’s built into Macintosh OS X that can perform lots of useful and scare actions. Most of the users find frequent need of this utility but the Mac experience users are often used to steer clear, for good reason. Let’s describe in very brief look what Disk Utility is, when you should use it and how to use to avoid erasing important information. Where is Disk Utility? The first thing you will notice about Disk Utility when you Open up […]

“I was looking to recover lost partition from my Mac hard drive that was formatted and had close to half its capacity filled with personal data of mine. Can I successfully be able to recover lost partition on Mac from a formatted hard disk or is it just a waste of time?” Recovering lost partitions after formatting your Mac hard drive can certainly be performed on your Mac hard drive but only by making use of a Mac hard drive recovery software. Not any Mac […]

“Anyone help me please!!! I have a 500GB HDD with 2 partitions on my Mac OS X. Yesterday, I was using QuickTime player to watch a movie and all of a sudden I encountered a system shut down. Now, when I restarted, suddenly I was not able to access my main partition where I have stored all my important files. I tried the disk utility to check the HDD and saw the other partition, but the volume name was changed to default. I also tried […]

Mac OS is the world’s most advanced operating system which is developed by Apple. It has been designed with the new technology like intuitive networking services, GPU accelerated desktop, Xcode Integrated development environment which has dynamic tools will help in creating innovative and powerful applications. Even though it is designed with many advanced features, unlike other OS this Mac OS also prone to data loss situation caused by various reasons. Every user of the Mac OS losses the file by different situations. Many of you […]

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