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“I was looking to recover lost partition from my Mac hard drive that was formatted and had close to half its capacity filled with personal data of mine. Can I successfully be able to recover lost partition on Mac from a formatted hard disk or is it just a waste of time?” Recovering lost partitions after formatting your Mac hard drive can certainly be performed on your Mac hard drive but only by making use of a Mac hard drive recovery software. Not any Mac […]

Trash is the special folder on your Mac computer that holds the immediate deleted data from the drive. Trash on Mac is same as Recycle Bin on Windows operating system. You must feel yourself lucky if you can restore data from Trash folder after accidental deletion. After deletion of file, you can also recover it from here if you think that it may be important for you. But, what will you do if the deleted file is not exist on Trash folder. It will be […]

In the technological world, people would like to capture videos and photos through the use of digital cameras, mobile phones etc. but at the conclusion they utilized to store these videos and photos within the system. Suppose you have stored a lot of marriage ceremony video files and photos inside your Mac OS. While viewing these videos, the system abruptly switched off as a result of loss of power supply. Again whenever you try to access videos from Mac system you come to realize that […]

Are you searching an answer to a question that is how to restore photos from trash on Mac. Then you are at the right place. Let us go through step by step to get a solution of your question. Mac Operating system is a safer system than any other operating system because there is no virus attack or malware attack in such system. With all this exceptional feature, you can find lots of reasons which may lead to photo loss from Mac based operating system, […]

Is it possible to restore datas from an iMac 2009 model which uses 32 bit operating system? What are all the ways available and which is the easiest way to get back the datas? I am using an iMac pc. Recently I deleted an incomplete downloaded document in a different manner. I used pico a third party text editor to delete those files and it directly throws the doc out without moving it to the trash directory. Is it possible to recover deleted file data […]

Steps to recover Mac trash

Trash in Mac operating system is same as the recycle bin in Windows Operating system. The files which we delete those files are temporarily stored in this trash of Mac operating system. If you want to back again these deleted folders, you can restore these deleted folders from Mac trash easily. This trash stores certain amount of data. After that this trash automatically deletes old data and adds new data. What will you do if you want back old deleted data from trash? Actually it […]

How to unformat Mac data?

The best way to keep away from the data loss situations which can occur on your Mac computer is to take a regular data backup. Every so often, you may lose the essential data stored under your Mac computer due to various disaster situations. When you have a habit of taking regular data backup, then there is no worry about data loss. In case you do not have a proper data backup and the situation like accidental formatting of a single volume or entire hard […]

Most people know Mac OS X operating system. Mac is among the most widely used systems in the present generation. Mac operating-system is well programmed and designed using UNIX. OS X is the latest version of Mac operating system. HFS+ or HFSX could be the primary file system of Mac OS X. All though, Mac operating-system offers security precautions to avoid loss of data from a secure and reliable file system, there to stay are a handful of bad situations in which user lose their […]

Losing access to your most important info is essentially the most awful thing you can imagine. This will occur in a computer irrespective of its configuration and OS. Even a more efficient operating system like Mac may also encounter loss of data every so often due to any uncertain reason. But first you must know the lost data are not permanently lost from the hard disk. Lost Mac data can nonetheless be recovered. To have back accessibility of lost data you have to recover lost […]

Formatted Mac Partition Recovery

Maintaining critical and important digital information is very simple by using Mac operating system. Mac is highly reliable and secure operating system which will never get infect by some virus or malware. Mac uses HFS and HFS+ file system to store and organize the files and folders. Whenever a user stores some file in Mac system, two components will be assigned to the stored file. One is resource fork which holds all the information related to stored file manipulation and the other one is data […]

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