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Mac operating system uses HFS and HFS+ file systems. Each volume created in Mac system contains four kinds of items; files, directories, directory threads, and file threads. Each file stored in Mac volumes contains two components. One is the resource fork which is like an index file consists of all the information related to file manipulation and the other one is data fork which holds the actual stream of bytes i.e. the information which user stored in the file. Like any other operating system, even […]

Hard Drives are non-volatile devices, which can be used for data storage. These hard drives are considered as a primary place to store your important data. In hard drive you can store any type of data like Operating System, software, files and folders etc. Data loss is the most common scenario which can be observed in all storage devices. Data loss can occur due to several reasons like improper partition of hard disk devices, accidental deletion and many more. But you can perform Mac partition […]

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