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Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows operating system that has been developed and released by Microsoft.  Windows 10 comes with new features like Task view, a virtual desktop system, integrated support for fingerprint, face recognition login, etc. Windows 10 data are stored on hard drive. Hard drive is divided into more than one parts and each part is known as partition. The partition is used to manage data of hard drive efficiently. There are numerous ways where data from partition may get lost. […]

Hard drive is a secondary storage device that stores all types of data like office documents, audio files, image files, video files and so on. The size of the hard drive varies from 80GB to 2TB. The hard drives can be divided into several partitions in order to separate personal data from system data. When the hard drive is divided into several partitions then there will be a chance of losing data from the partitions due to various reasons like accidental deletion, formatting, reformatting, file […]

In case of Windows computer, boot partition is a drive where Windows operating system files are saved. By default, any data downloaded from internet is being saved in boot partition only. Hence, if the Windows boot partition got deleted accidentally then there will be loss of large amount of data. And if, it is single OS based computer then deletion of such partition may also lead to Windows startup failure. To overcome these trouble, you need to recover deleted Windows boot partition. For restoring the […]

In a computer, generally you use hard disk drives to store data such as documents, photo files, videos, and audio files etc. Hard drive can be divided in to several partitions/drives such as Local Disk (C:) for installed software, Local Disk (D:) for audio file and Local Disk (F:) for video file etc., to make it easy to store the data. A partition can be defined as a part of your hard disk that has been specifically prepared with File System so that it can […]

Most of the Mac users frequently partition their PC, so that they are able to run both Apple Mac OS as the default OS and Windows or Linux as the additional operating system. But this operation may not work properly in some circumstances. You can find some causes that prevent your Mac PC from partitioning the hard drive successfully that includes power failure, virus attack, corrupted file, and many other things. One of the most common problem is deletion of partition from Mac computer. Now […]

How to Retrieve Partitions?

A computer program has memory safe-keeping device called hard disk (HDD). There are various kinds of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI and IDE that are manufactured by various brands like Seagate, Samsung, LaCie, Western digital, Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba, and so forth. Hard drive is often a data storage device used for storing and finding digital information. The system hard drive can even be segmented into amount of logical units/drives known as as partitions. Partition might be of any variety like active partition, FRESH partition, […]

Partition Recovery Software

Losing drive partition can make your day very distrusting. Partition loss may happen because of many reasons including viruses, operator error, bad software, etc. This partition helps in a convenient manner to store all your important files which are either related to your office or personal things. But if you come across partition loss scenarios then definitely you will be in disturbing mood on thinking of how to recover partition? No worries please, here is an supreme solution on recovery of partition with no difficulty. […]

How do I recover files lost from Windows 8 PCs after repartition of logical drives or physical drive? This is probably the question of many people asked when they have somehow lost their data from hard drive after repartitioning it. Many times when a repartition is conducted on the hard disk drives or partitions of the hard disk drive on Windows 8, the course will not conclude aptly. Usually crashing is seen sooner than it finishes. This may be caused by altered form of the […]

Get back lost partition

Hard drive is the device where you use to store your data. Many users think data stored in it is safe and don’t take back up of their important files. Hard disk can be divided into several partitions depending on user needs. The data stored in partitions can be lost due to several reasons like accidental deletion, accidental formatting the partition or by virus attack etc. Many user come across these types of situations and gets frustrate after losing their valuable data. If you are […]

Hard disks are intended to save the data where as partition plays vital role in the act. Hard disk are inbuilt in all most all computer systems but there are some more devices likewise external hard disk is also intended to save the data. All these hard disks have partitions which saves data. Actually these creations of partition just depend upon the users that how much one wants to create, these partitions can have different sizes and name as well. Partitions of hard disks have […]

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