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Nowadays, USB flash drives have become primary portable storage device for saving the data. Because, USB drives provide larger storage capacities and they are more convenient to carry. USB drives are also referred as jump drives, key chain drives, thumb drives, pen drives, etc. Storage capacity of USB drive is ranging from 16MB to 256GB whereas data transfer speed of USB drive is up to 35MBps. A USB drive can be plugged directly to your computer by using built-in connectors. When you connect your USB […]

“I have a digital camera from which I deleted all the photos accidentally. I had over 200 photos in the camera SD card, so is there a way to recover deleted photos from my camera in any possible way?” You can surely recover photos from camera provided you make use of a photo recovery software on your computer to retrieve the deleted photos. If you are still wondering how to recover deleted photos from camera, then you can watch this video which shows you how […]

The best way to recover photos

Photos are the best way to capture memories. Now- a- days every one prefers digital camera that takes photographs on an electronic image sensor. Digital cameras are integrated into many devices ranging from PDAs and mobile phones. There are lot of memories and movements in our lives that we might forget if we didn’t have photos, such as natives and places in our past, relatives and loved ones that have passed on. Without photos of them, we would not be able to look back on […]

Photos are the images of happiest moment in one’s life. It returns every one of the past memories. Earlier traditional cameras with reels were used to capture images. It took a lot of time in processing these images. As technology emerged digital cameras were invented to make this process easier and simpler. These cameras are actually ruling the photography industry. They’ll use external storage devices like SD cards, XD cards, memory cards and others. It really requires couple of seconds to process the images. Hence, […]

A photo, also called an image is an essential thing which is utilized for previewing the past of one’s life. This pictures support people to preserve their good or bad days so that those memories can be visualized.  Storage media for saving any pictures has been changing from initial time. Initially photos used to be canvassed, later with the development of technology different gadgets such as 1922 Kodak, 1952 Voigtlander Vito II, Canon EOS 300D, Nikon Coolpix 5200, phone camera, etc. used magnetic roll which later […]

Memory cards are one of the fascinating discoveries of digital world. They are used as memory storage devices for mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders and other electronic devices. These day’s multimedia mobiles are equipped with inbuilt mp3 players, camera and video player and require memory card to store these files. There are various types of memory cards used some of them are SD card, CF card, xD card, SmartCard etc. Among these memory card SD card is widely used due to its low price, small […]

Technical evolutions brought a new look to the world of photography. Ancient cameras are completely replaced by fully automated digital cameras because of its output quality, picture resolution, user friendliness, etc. When it comes to storage, most of the digital cameras use SD cards to store the captured images. Secure Digital (SD) cards are non-volatile flash storage devices which are compact in size, provides huge amount of storage space and cost effective. Most of the people store their captured photos in computer hard drives or […]

IPod nano is a digital music player. It has many exciting features like genius mix from which you can mix your favorite songs in a playlist. One more feature is mono audio using this it is possible to route audio into both ear buds so you can hear both the channels in either ear. Apart form these it has many more features like iTunes application etc. The iPod nano is available with the storage capacity ranging from 8GB to 16GB. You can store images, songs […]

Transcend is the company which manufactures the compact flash cards. The compact flash cards are the storage media used in various electronic devices like digital cameras, camcorders, printers etc. Transcend offers three types of compact flash cards depending on transfer speed of the card, and they are 600X compact flash card, 400X compact flash card, and 133X compact flash card. 600X compact flash card have extremely fast transfer speeds up to 92MB per second read and 87MB per second write, and these are used in […]

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