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NEF is the abbreviation of Nikon Electronic Format. It is a RAW file format, used in Nikon cameras to save photos. RAW images are noting but digital negatives which cannot be directly used as images, but contains the information needed to create an image. NEF files have more ample quality so the image stored in NEF format will have high resolution. This file either use loss less compression technique or the file is not at all compressed. The captured NEF images can be saved as […]

“I have a digital camera from which I deleted all the photos accidentally. I had over 200 photos in the camera SD card, so is there a way to recover deleted photos from my camera in any possible way?” You can surely recover photos from camera provided you make use of a photo recovery software on your computer to retrieve the deleted photos. If you are still wondering how to recover deleted photos from camera, then you can watch this video which shows you how […]

The digital camera is an electronic device for capturing photos and saving video files to the memory card. If you have deleted the photos or any files from the camera, then what is the best tool to restore files from camera? You should follow the Recover Windows Media software to find the previous file. Typically, unintentional deletion of photos occurs when the camera is used by the person who doesn’t know how to control that. Then how can he/she handle the situation? The Windows recovery […]

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