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ITunes is media library and online radio broadcaster developed by Apple Inc.It helps in organizing audio and video files on Mac devices. iTunes library files are created and maintained by iTunes. iTunes keeps track of all songs in the form of metadata with the help of iTunes Library. ITunes Library stores information such as artist and genre, equalizer, play count and rating details of the audio formats. iTunes Music store facilitate storing of music files in internet thus there is no need of physical storage […]

When my Computer gets crashed then I reinstalled it again with Windows OS. But I was unable to keep back up of music files. Now I have reinstalled the iTunes and trying to sync with iPod for back up. It shows a message that “erases all the data from iPod and sync with iTunes library”. Here iTunes library is empty and I believe, it will delete all music files also from iPod. It shows that this is new library even it is on the same […]

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