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SD card is brief form of the secure digital cards. These are generally flash memory cards that have the capability to hold entire your multimedia files like images, audio/ video files, video clips, videos files, etc. It could store images of all of most coming from all files formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG and raw images captured through any model of digital camera. SD cards are among extensively used digital data storing drives employed for the electronics devices like iPhones, digital camera models, cell phones, […]

Whenever the name SD card comes, very first thing comes in mind that is picture storage device. In most case SD cards are used for the storage purpose of all images. In other cases it is also used as storage device as in some cases it is also used for storing other files and data on SD cards. SD cards are the smallest flash cards on which users keep lots of data at same time. But what if you suddenly format your SD card and […]

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