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Recovery of Office files

Do you wish to recover office files? Word Documents, Power Presentations, Excel sheets, Spreadsheets are extremely important files to whom it belongs. However unluckily you could discover a situation  in which you   have realized that  a few of your Word files, PPT files or XL sheets are missing  or perhaps you have deleted them accidentally. Today the majority of the company is totally dependent upon the computers. In all of the software companies all the writing is conducted on Microsoft ‘office’ Word documents, Excel sheets, […]

Memory cards, USB flash drives, external hard disk drives, memory sticks are the external, removable storage devices that are utilized to store wide range of data. Among these removable devices, memory cards can be used by portable electronic devices like cameras, PDA’s, MP3 players, cell phones etc. Whereas, USB flash drives are generally used to transfer the info from one device to other device. Both memory card and flash drive uses flash memory i.e. non-volatile memory to save data. The flash memory does not need […]

Partitioning is dividing disk drive of your computer into multiple drives. Each partition can be a section of your hard drive and it works as if it’s a separate hard drive. Partition is named as Volume in Mac operating system. Partitioning is necessary because keeping data, applications and OS on the same partition can be risky. If the partition get corrupted or lost from a system you won’t be able to access that drive. Although you may boot with external drive you won’t be able […]

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