Cleaning of data from hard disk to avoid unauthorized access

How come wipe disk helps in cleaning the space permanently?

Safely deleting those unwanted files from your hard disk is merely not enough to secure your data but you need to delete them permanently if wants to secure the data then you need to delete it permanently.

What window does when files are deleted from hard disk?

When Microsoft Window deletes any of the the files from the required sources it doesn’t mean that the file is deleted only it removes the file information related to those specific files and those specific directories.

Whenever the free space is available on  hard disk that doesn’t mean it is really like that as there are files resides which actually are there for reuse.  So the scenarios are somewhat like when you save the data in the blank space that means you are overwriting the data from new data on old data and setting pointers to denote the data and make it accessible.

But how to wipe disk  so that data cannot be accessed?

You can use disk wipe software to delete the data completely.

In what ways data are saved on the hard disk and how can it be escaped for reuse?

Data is stored on the hard disk and that too in non contiguous form, as it is saved it catches free space from hard disk and save the data. Files are saved in this format is fragmented then when need some space then you can defrag the hard disk which will cover the empty space on hard disk.

Whenever a person who get access to your disk or steal your hard disk then can do the recovery of data by using any recovery tools and that to very easily.   If data have less importance than its ok or else if have the highly sensitive data then may it can be misused.

Or else in another case either if you want to sell the hard drive, or lend it to the person for use then there could be the chances that the data could be retrieved from it and can be used so in order to delete the data permanently you have to do some sort of process.

Deleting the data permanently means not only deleting the pointers pointing to it but also deleting the data from hard disk.  Off course one can use the software or can do it manually.

There are number of shredding ways to delete the data permanently that is you can delete the data from any medium. You can wipe the data very easily for this you can download the software so as to wipe the data permanently from the required medium.

You can either go this way or you can also try the fragmentation which will corrupt the data in terms of recovery or better to save the scraps on the hard disk which will overwrite the data onto it.