Easiest Way to Recover Photos from corrupt USB Drive

Nowadays, USB flash drives have become primary portable storage device for saving the data. Because, USB drives provide larger storage capacities and they are more convenient to carry. USB drives are also referred as jump drives, key chain drives, thumb drives, pen drives, etc. Storage capacity of USB drive is ranging from 16MB to 256GB whereas data transfer speed of USB drive is up to 35MBps. A USB drive can be plugged directly to your computer by using built-in connectors. When you connect your USB drive to the system, it automatically detects your USB drive and displays AutoPlay Windows to quickly access the files. Now, a special type of USB drives is available, which are called as U3 smart drive. U3smart drive provides more convenience than USB drives because, they contain pre-installed software which is accessed through Windows type interface.

USB drives are used for sharing or transferring the files from one system to another system. USB drives are also used for maintaining backup of your important files. You can store audio, video, image and all other types of files in it. There are some possible risks associated with using USB drives, like malware, spyware or virus attack. Virus attack is the most common risk associated with USB flash drive, which may corrupt USB drive data. Sometimes, your memorable photos that are stored on USB drives may get lost due to virus attack resulting in photo loss. To retrieve photos from corrupted USB drive, you need to use relevant recovery tool. Memory Card Recovery is one of the best recovery program that enable you to retrieve photos from corrupt USB drive effectively.
USB drives are more often connected to different computers to transfer photos, which may increase the chances of photo loss due to virus attack. Generally, viruses are hidden in Auto run of a USB drive. Windows OS uses Auto run to open, explore or copy the data of a USB drive to their system. If you have enabled Auto run option, then your OS reads the USB drive automatically by which your computer may infect with the virus. Sometimes, USB drive corruption also results in photo loss. If you remove your USB drive accidentally from the USB port while transferring photos then, you may end up losing important photos. In few cases, if you remove your USB drive abruptly from USB port, then also it gets corrupted resulting in photo loss. Because, even when you have closed all the files on the USB drive, sometimes, it is possible that your USB drive is still accessed by your computer without any visible indication.

Therefore, always try to eject your USB drive by selecting “Safely Remove Hardware” from the system tray of your computer. Disable Auto run option to avoid virus attack problems. Try to take backup of important photos. If you have lost the photos and don’t have backup of these photos then don’t worry because, you can use efficient recovery tool to retrieve photos from corrupt USB drive.

Memory Card Recovery is relevant recovery software that helps you to recover photos from corrupted USB flash drives along with other storage drives such as external hard drive, SD, memory card, memory stick, etc. This application is able to recognize and recover different file formats based on their unique signature. This utility is also capable to recover deleted or lost digital RAW photo files. You can download free demo version to preview lost or deleted photos from your USB drive.