Get back lost partition

Hard drive is the device where you use to store your data. Many users think data stored in it is safe and don’t take back up of their important files. Hard disk can be divided into several partitions depending on user needs. The data stored in partitions can be lost due to several reasons like accidental deletion, accidental formatting the partition or by virus attack etc.

Many user come across these types of situations and gets frustrate after losing their valuable data. If you are thinking how to get back the data which is very important for you and don’t get any idea how to recoup your data then you start blaming yourself. But, now on wards stop worrying at any of such circumstances! Because you can get back your deleted data with the help of partition recovery software. For more information how to regain your deleted data from partitions visit

The most common scenarios where most of the users encounter at below mentioned situations are:

  • Accidental deletion of a partition: There may be a chance when by mistake your hard drive partition might get deleted logically .For example, sometimes in hurry when you want to delete partition D but by mistake you have deleted partition F results in loss of data from that partition.
  • Virus attack: This is the most common reason that is legally dependable for various type of data loss on your system hard disk partition. Normally you may download some files through internet and store them on your hard drive partition, in case these files are contaminated by virus threats results in corruption of that partition.
  • Resizing of partition using third party utility: You can resize the existing partition by reinstalling the operating system or by using third party application. When you try to make another partition or resize the partition, you may come across error messages like not enough space or could not assign or de-allocate memory, which makes your data unapproachable resulting in data loss.
  • Loss or forgotten password: These days many users keep their partitions password protect which contains important documents so that only the user who knows the password can access it. In any circumstances if user forgets the password, then that partition cannot be accessed. The only way is to format the partition results in data loss.

Tips to prevent data loss:

  • Regularly you have to back up your important data in a separate storage device like USB drives, external hard drive, CD or DVD to prevent data loss.
  • To protect yourself from data loss, never allow any body to use your system. So that no one can modify, steel your work or delete it.
  • Regularly scan your system with authorized or legal antivirus software.

All above stated reasons are some common scenarios where many users come across such situations and thinks data has been deleted permanently. But with the help of this software you can recoup your deleted data whatever may be the reason for deletion.

This tool scans the entire drive in few minutes to recoup your deleted data. The deleted data get bypass when Recycle Bin exceeds in size you can regain that data also with the help of this software. With ADS (Alternate Data Stream) attribute you can obtain deleted data even from NTFS formatted drives. The data which has obtained by using this software can be stored on the basis of size, name and file types. You can preview the deleted /lost data after regaining process. The obtained data can save to CD/DVD or any accessible partition. For saving disk space, the regained data can be compressed in a zip archive.

The demo version of this software is available to check its capability. After regaining of your important data you can see with the help of preview option. If you are satisfied with the result obtained and want to save your regained files, you have to purchase full version.