Here Is the Easy Way to Recover Data from Flash Card

Flash card or simply called as memory card has a remarkable and significant application over the eras. From the day it born on 1990’s to till date, it has used on various devices from first flash card ‘PC Card’ to ‘XQD card’. Flash card is a platform independent, portable, nonvolatile, tiny in dimensions, light weight, high capacity and it is known for its excellence in storage and high data transfer rate for digital information. Flash cards are widely used in all remote computing devices such as PDA’s, mobile phones, printers, game consoles, iPods, digital camera, MP3 players and digital camcorders etc. Some of different types of flash cards are secure digital cards, Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), Secure Digital ‘Extra Capacity’ (SDXC), CompactFlash (CF), Micro SD, MMC so on. Memory card can transfer almost all types of files irrespective of its signatures and also has maximum storage capacity up to 512 GB.

Since, flash card has excellent data storage capacity regardless of its file signature and its importance is relatively high, losing data from a flash card is not a desirable thing. But due to various causes data on your memory card get invisible or lost. However data from your flash card can be recovered as long it had not been overwritten. To recover lost/deleted data from flash card, you should choose a professional and efficient recovery tool. With a small help of robust efficient and most-trusted professional utility called “Recover flash card”, your lost data can be easily recovered in a easy steps irrespectively of the lost/delete scenarios.

Benefits of Using Recover Flash Card Utility:

  • Recovers all types of files from flash cards like SD (SDSC,SDHC,SDXC,SDIO ), MMC flash memory cards, XD picture card, memory stick, MMC,CF-1,Micro SD, NT card any many more
  • It can recover more than 300 types of files by including RAW file formats. So its recovery features can be considered as somewhat endless and limitless.
  • You can preview your recovered media files before saving it.
  • Recover flash card application supports all type of flash cards such as HP, SanDisk, Kingston, Strontium, Panasonic, Lexar, Frontech, Lenovo etc.

Frequent Data Loss/Delete Causes:

  • Unexpected or sudden interruption of data transfer process due to power surge, abrupt removal of flash card from computer while data transfer, etc. may result in data loss.
  • Flash cards are pre-formatted when manufactured but should be formatted once again on devices to ensure the file system on it is as per requirement of the device, without which it may lead to data loss from flash card.
  • If same flash card is used on multiple devices, your data may either get lost or deleted.
  • Inserting flash card on a virus affected computer can induce virus on it and further may result in huge data loss.
  • Forcedly removing the flash card from the smartphone without “unmourning” the card may lead in deletion of data permanently.
  • Apart from above said causes, data loss on flash card may happen to accidental deletion of files, unintentional formatting and flash card gets watered or heated so on.