How to fix corrupt PST file

Now a day’s email has become a primary source of communication and for information sharing. Most of the emails users prefer MS Outlook as their email program at work because it not only manages emails but also helps to manage other information like Contacts, Calendar Events, Tasks, Appointments, RSS Feeds, etc. You might be the one among them. Outlook use .pst files as its database to store all the emails and other attributes data which user saves in his profile.

Outlook works fine for long time, but one horrible day it pop up some unexpected error messages like “An unknown error has occurred 0x80040600” or “Error 0x800av420CB”, when you try to access it. In most of the cases these type of error messages point to a single reason i.e. .pst file corruption. At this point of time if your .pst file’s back up is handy, then you can resolve it easily, else you need to fix corrupted pst file using some good PST recovery software.

Before discussing the solution let us take a look at the scenarios which can corrupt your .pst file. There are various reasons for this, a few scenarios are explained below.

  • Accessing your .pst file over the network:

Sometimes you might access your Outlook through some remote device or network attach storage device. The network environment will not be able to provide a continuous access to any file, because there might be a connection break due to failure of routers, hubs, network interface cards, etc. While your Outlook performing any information related task using .pst file, if it encounters any connection break there are chances that it might crash. This will over write the contents of .pst file with some junk data which may completely corrupt your .pst file.

  • File size limitation:

We all know that the size of .pst file is limited. Regular usage of Outlook gradually increases the amount of data stored in .pst file. Since there is no any built-in tool provided with Outlook to handle the over flow of data, if your .pst file reaches or exceeds the limited size, it fails to handle the over flow and may get corrupt.

Irrespective of the reason or scenario, if your .pst file gets corrupt, the result is same, i.e. Outlook freezes its access and you may also lose you data stored in .pst file. At this point of time as I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have back up then you need to opt for some .pst repair tool. Here you might think of your default repair tool scanpst.exe, Sometimes scan will not be able to get the desired results, but there are some other tools which can do a better job.

Unlike scanpst.exe, the software will not only repair your .pst file but also recover the data from highly corrupted .pst file. They are developed with an advanced scanning algorithm with which they will recover data from highly corrupted .pst file.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one such competitive utility, which offers a safe and secure recovery process. You can download the free to try version of the software.