How to Recover Deleted File from Memory Stick?

In these days, deletion or loss of file from the system or any other electronic devices such as camcorders, smart phones, digital cameras and more that supports or holds the slot of memory stick is the biggest problem around the world. Many users are suffering a lot by this data loss, they are losing their important files like videos, mp3 songs, word documents, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spread sheets, image files etc. And they assume that they cannot get back their deleted files. But the fact is that user can undelete memory stick files with some techniques.undelete memory stick

User files can be deleted due to many reasons such as accidentally deleting using delete command or pressing delete all key in cameras, intrusion of virus in memory stick etc. Losing a number of important files will make upset and unhappy. Thus, if users don’t have any back up of those erased files then this can be even more terrible situation.

If you come across this type of data lose problem, then take a deep breath. Here, is software named as Undelete Plus Tool which can make you happy and bring you out of horrible situation. Undelete memory stick is become very easy with the help of this recovery tool. By this tool you can restore deleted or lost audios, text documents, PowerPoint presentation files, Excel spreadsheets, pictures and various types of files that are stored in the memory stick.

Undelete Plus Tool has been developed by group of highly experienced professional experts. It allows you to recover deleted file from memory stick on various file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS, FAT16, HFSX, FAT32 partitions. After restoring the deleted files from the memory stick, you view the recovered files based on name, size, date and file type.

What are the reasons behind for deletion of files from memory stick?

  • Sometimes, when you connect memory stick to any system with the help of data cable. You may delete some unwanted files from memory stick by using “Delete” button this will make the files to bypass the Recycle Bin. This utility can also handle this type of situations
  • Another major and most common scenario is when virus attacks your mobile phones or computer then there is chance that virus may delete the files which has been saved in the memory stick and resulting in severe data loss situation.
  • User might lose their precious files when transferring or moving them from memory stick to any other devices. If they abruptly eject or removed the memory stick during transferring process from the system or cameras or mobile phones.
  • By formatting the memory stick you will lose your entire files.
  • Memory sticks are mainly used in mobile phones, digital cameras etc. But if you insert the same memory stick in multiple device for storing data then it my leads to damage the file system of the memory stick and then you cannot access the files from it.