How to repair corrupted PST file?

Outlook serves well for most of the people by managing all their day to day activities like Calendar Events, Contacts, Meeting Schedules, Appointments, Tasks, etc along with their emails. You might also be the one who appointed Outlook as an assistant at work. The most common problem with Outlook is its storage file, .i.e. PST file which can get corrupt easily.

Sometimes when you are accessing or opening Outlook you may encounter with some error messages like “OL2000: Unable to Open a Shared .pst File” or “XCLN: Error Msg. Opening PST: The Folder Could Not Be Opened”. In most of the cases, these types of error due to corruption of .pst file which freezes Outlook access, creates unusual delay at work and may also leads to huge data loss.

Definitely you can solve this question of how to repair PST, but prior to that if you understood the cause then it will be very good and you can also avoid these scenarios in future. If you explore, you will get plenty of results. Let us go through a few scenarios where you can to employ PST recovery software.

  • The most common cause is file size limitation:

The size of the .pst file in older versions of Outlook i.e. 2000 and below was fixed to 2GB, next versions are upgraded to 20GB and in Outlook 2010 it is 50GB. Since the regular usage of Outlook increases the size of .pst file by accumulating more number of emails and other information, whenever the data stored in your .pst file reaches or exceeds the limited size, it fails to handle the over flow. Since Microsoft does not have any built-in tool the handle the over flow, this finally leads to corruption of .pst file.

  • Accessing .pst file over the network:

Outlook needs continuous access of .pst file while performing any information related task. But it may not get the frequent access of .pst file when you try to access it over the network or through some remote device, because of some connection break which occur due to failure of hubs, routers, network interface cards, etc. This may result in entering garbage values in to .pst file. Since it is a complex database file, if it encounters any garbage value, then there are chances of corruption.

In spite of any reason, once you confirmed that your .pst file is corrupted, use some .pat repair tools to repair it if you don’t have a backup.

At a first shot you might think of scanpst.exe, but there many other third party utilities which help you to get the best results than scanpst.exe. They will not only repair the .pst file but also recovers the content which is stored in it without harming your original .pst file.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one such tool which is developed by some data recovery experts with a smart scan algorithm. It also supports password protected and highly encrypted .pst files. This utility also offers you a search option which helps to fetch your .pst file if you don’t know the location.

You can download Remo Repair Outlook (PST) for safe and secure repair process.