How to Restore Deleted Videos from Recycle Bin?

Video files are the only media file which is included both the audio listening and video watching. These files have the different file container format such as MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. The different media player allows these files to play and support on it as these files are saved on the different file extension like .avi, .mov, etc. Depending upon the content of the information, the size of the video file varies.

These files can be easily store in the different operating system as they are well supported in storing the video files. If you click the delete button accidentally then you may search for the file in the Recycle Bin of Windows device. But once the Recycle Bin is emptied then the file may not find the files in it as it is erased from the Recycle Bin permanently.restore deleted videos from recycle bin

Commonly a user may think when he/ she delete a file from a Windows computer, it will be completely get erased from it but in real fact is that the file is still available in the same storage location until it is over written with the another file. As long as the files are not over written with the other file, you can recover the lost files by making use of a powerful tool called File Recovery Software. As this software is inbuilt with strong algorithm, any user can restore deleted videos from Recycle Bin without any additional effort. To know about this tool you can scroll down to this website.

Now let us discuss the different scenarios in which video files get deleted from the Recycle Bin folder of Windows computer.

Scenarios in which video file get deleted:

Delete command: If you mistakenly click on the delete option in the recycle bin by selecting video files which are stored in the recycle bin folder resulting in deletion of videos permanently.

Virus infection: Videos can also be deleted due to virus infection. Suppose, if you PC is infected with severe viruses and Trojan and you want to scan the system by using updated antivirus program to remove virus from the system. The antivirus program may erase the corrupted video files that are affected due to viruses.

Empty Recycle Bin:  Most of the user has the habit of emptying the recycle bin by right clicking on it and then select empty recycle bin. By doing so all the files which get stored in the recycle bin will be erased permanently.

Bypassing recycle bin: Sometimes, when you delete the files from your system it may bypass the recycle bin or it will not be stored in the recycle bin. At that situation there are chances of losing some of your precious data.

As these are scenarios in which video file get deleted from the Recycle Bin of Windows device. To know more data recovery, you can continue reading this website as it gives more knowledge about how the files get loss from the Windows device. With this knowledge, you can prevent the deletion of files from the Computers and be at safer mode.