How to unformat Mac data?

The best way to keep away from the data loss situations which can occur on your Mac computer is to take a regular data backup. Every so often, you may lose the essential data stored under your Mac computer due to various disaster situations. When you have a habit of taking regular data backup, then there is no worry about data loss. In case you do not have a proper data backup and the situation like accidental formatting of a single volume or entire hard drive will make you panic. But there is no need to be concerned about data loss caused by accidental formatting since there are many data recovery tools available, which lets you to restore lost data from the hard drive. The usage of best Mac data recovery tool will be helpful for you to unformat formatted volume data on Mac computers.

Even the situations such as improper use of a third party partitioning utility, failure of disk verify and repair tool, Master Boot Record (MBR) failure, volume header corruption, catalog file is damaged, disk directory errors, Mac operating system crash, power failure, virus infection to the hard drive, corruption of the Apple partition map and errors encountered during disk partitioning will cause the rigorous data loss on your Mac computers. The situation where you may accidentally format the removable drives such as flash memory card, portable hard drive, USB flash drive, Firewire drive and iPod when they are connected to your Mac computer through the USB port may also cause loss of data. Some of the frequently taking place data loss scenarios are described in brief.

Improper usage of the Disk Utility function: In order to perform some disk related tasks in Mac OS X, Apple has created a system utility called Disk Utility. Disk Utility functions include creating and mounting disk images, formatting the partitions, verifying and repairing file structures. In Mac OS X with the use of live partitioning feature, you can create the new disk partitions and resize or delete the existing disk partitions without erasing them. However, the situation where you have used the Disk Utility for formatting the disk partitions without having a proper data backup, then this situation can lead to loss of essential data.

Disk directory errors: When the disk directory gets corrupted, Disk Utility can be used to fix the corruption issue. Sometimes, there may be a chance of encountering the errors while the corrupted disk directory repairing process is taking place. When this happens, there is a chance of losing the data from a hard drive.

However, the data lost due to above mentioned scenarios can be restored by using the best Mac data recovery software. Unformat Mac is the prominent Mac data recovery tool, which lets the user to unformat formatted volume data on Mac. This software can also be used to restore the data from formatted removable drives such as USB flash drive, flash memory card, portable hard drive and Firewire drive. Demo tool of this software is available for download on the internet that can help you to preview the recovered data as well as to evaluate the recovery results.