How to Use Mac Disk Utility?

Disk Utility is an application that’s built into Macintosh OS X that can perform lots of useful and scare actions. Most of the users find frequent need of this utility but the Mac experience users are often used to steer clear, for good reason. Let’s describe in very brief look what Disk Utility is, when you should use it and how to use to avoid erasing important information.

Where is Disk Utility?

The first thing you will notice about Disk Utility when you Open up your Applications folder on Mac OS X and it’s nowhere in sight. Instead, you have to crack a little deeper and open the Utilities folder, which is found inside the Applications folder. In here you will find a whole gathering of amazing little goodies that are worth checking out.

To launch the Utilities folder from Finder, just press Command-Shift-U combination keys. You can launch the Applications folder using: Command-Shift-A on Mac OS X.

Getting Started

To find Disk Utility, launch and see a window. Most of the users guessed by the app’s title, this is a utility for working with hard drive disks. Any external drive connected to your machine, should appear in the menu on the left of the window. If you select a hard disk from the list, the bottom of this window will update with information about that item. Read more information about how to use Mac Disk Utility in an effective way.

Fixing Disk Problems with Repair Permissions

Most of the Mac are saying like, “When all else fails, fix disk permissions.” This action is viewed as a sort of a magic cure all that addresses all types of various untraceable issues on the screen.

So at this time you may think that what are disk permissions, how to use and how do you fix them? The simplified solution is that Mac OS X automatically assigns various files on your system an owner and further users are allow to decides the level of interaction. Definite user accounts have different access privileges to certain files.

When many application are installed in a Mac OS X and writes a secret file in Library that tells the system what the permissions should be. Many time you can install various installations, un-installations, upgrades and the like can create havoc on the permissions of certain files. When you “repair disk permissions” you are essentially telling your computer to take a look at that secret receipt or library and repair any files whose permissions don’t line up with what they should be.

After this, click on a disk tool and then select the “First Aid” tab near the center of the window. You can click “Verify Disk Permissions,” which will run a check to see window if there are any problems.