Instructions to Follow While Using New Laptop


2016!!  This New Year got a gift a best new laptop to your home and feeling worry of thinking how to make use of it initially, then don’t be panic it is much simple and normally you can use it as usual you do. Before that, here are some tips which you can follow them which may help in using new laptop as these instructions is especially gathered for the new users and after reading this article, you will surely in safer side using new laptop or Computer as both device are same but differ in their respective size. So don’t just start up your laptop, read this article and know the things to be done while opening laptop for the first time. Don’t start the laptop as usual you do as this thing will lead you in security risks and some online issues which may again take time for solving those issues.  Before starting the laptop, create a system restore DVD by activating Windows and then by following some points which I will state below can start up your new laptop and can enjoy its features with rejoice.

Activate Windows Update:

The first thing which you need to do with the new laptop is to check up for the Windows update version as the default old version Windows 8.1 might saved on your desktop of your laptop. So get the latest Windows version i.e. Windows 10.  When you see the Start screen of the Windows 8.1, then simply go to the Charms bar and open it and then start searching for the update version of the Windows by typing ‘update Windows version’ in the search bar. Then you may find the thing and then installed it on your desktop by agreeing the terms and conditions.

Keep the Windows Defender in On Position:

Virus attack, malware, etc are some of the harmful programs which are commonly attack to the system and corrupt the files on the system. When the files get corrupted then the data become inaccessible. So activate the Microsoft already developed an inbuilt anti malware software which usually works to protect the system from these harmful viruses. So this is an important thing to do at the time of starting new computer or laptop in order to safeguard your data.

Make New Account:

If it is personal account then no need of making new account for the laptop as the things are made change by yourself only and every time you may only open and access the things on laptop. If the laptop may use by the multiple users, if you need to secure your data then the best ever choice is to set up a new account and also have control on it.