Know the Advanced Startup Options That Will Help You Out

Advanced Startup Option is a centralized menu of tools for repairing, recovering and troubleshooting in Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is also known as Boot Options menu. It is replaced with System Recovery menu option available in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Some sources files still refer to Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8 as System Recovery Options. Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) is synonym of Advanced Startup Options.

What is the Advanced Startup Options Menu Used for?

The tools available on Advanced Startup Options can be used to run almost all the repair, refresh, repair/sheet and diagnostic tools available in Windows 10 and Windows 8 OS.  Advanced Startup Options also contains the Startup setting menu which among other things it is used to start Windows 10 or Windows 8 in safe mode.

How to Access the Advanced Startup Options Menu?

There are a number of ways to get to the Advanced Startup Options menu. The easiest way to access ASO depends on the situation you might receive warning message to use one of these tools. If you can access Windows normally, the easiest way to start Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10 is via is Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery. In Windows 8, try PC Settings -> Update and Recovery -> Recovery.

How to Use the Advanced Startup Options Menu?

Advanced Startup options is just a menu of tools. You can choose any one of the available tools or other menus option from Advanced Startup options. In other words, using Advanced Startup Options means using one of the available repair, recovery and troubleshooting tools.

Some items available on Advanced Startup Options are nested inside other menus. If you need to back up, use left arrow with the circle around it which you’ll find to the left of the menu heading at the top of the screen.

How to Access Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10 or Windows 8?

  • The Advanced Startup Options menu is the central fix location in Windows 10 or Windows 8 operating system.
  • You can access various Windows diagnostic and repair tools like System Repair, Command Prompt, Startup Repair, and much more.
  • Advanced Startup Options Settings the menu that includesSafe Mode among other startup methods that could help you to access Windows 10 or Windows 8.
  • The Advanced Startup Options menu should appear automatically after two consecutive startup errors.

How to Exit Advanced Startup Options?

Whenever you’re finished using the Advanced Startup Options menu, you can choose continue to restart your computer and other option is that Turn off your computer.