Looking for a tool to recover lost data

Data loss or data deletion has been the most typical problems from the first use of computers. Later Windows came out with Recycle bin. In which case whenever a file is deleted, it will likely be first transferred to this Recycle bin, rather than directly deleting the data. So, if some important data deleted accidentally, they are often easily recovered from this Recycle bin. This served the point only up to some extent if the data is lost in certain other situations like formatting or hard disk drive crash etc., then files would bypass this Recycle bin. Now, what to do? In such situations recovery cannot be done manually, but can be performed only by using third party recovery software. Just go through this article you will find the answer for this data loss problems.
Data can be lost in almost any scenario, either by accidentally or intentionally deleting an essential file. Even formatting leads to loss of data hence, while formatting the drive always make sure you take the backup of your data. Sometimes you might have to format the drive forcefully. That is, in some situations, once you attempt to access your drive, due to some system errors you might not be permitted to access it. You may be instructed to format the drive so that you can access the data. For this reason, forcefully you will have to format the drive. Hence, if you don’t have the proper data backup, you will lose your entire important data. But, no need to panic, they could be recovered easily. Each time a file or data is lost from the drive, you can still recover them. Actually, whenever you delete a file, only the link utilized to access these files will be deleted but not the file. However, your data still resides on the hard drive and could be easily recovered using good recovery software. Data Recovery Software is the best data recovery tool among the others, which can recover your entire data within few minutes.

Do you know the situations of data loss?  Formatting is not the only situation in which you lose your data; a simple virus infection will make your data inaccessible by corrupting the file system. Hard drive crash due to power fluctuations and improper system shut down also results in data loss. One common situation by which many of them face this data loss is due to formatting, reformatting or partitioning the drive without taking the proper data backups. Sometimes a simple deletion can also causes huge loss of data. That is choosing the wrong file or drives and deletes it unknowingly or empties the Recycle bin. In all such situations you will lose data.
No matter the reason for data loss, this tool competently performs the data recovery and restores back your entire lost data. It has many simple but powerful features, some of these are:

  • This software lets you recover lost data even after reinstallation of operating system
  • It acts as a memory card recovery tool, while recovering the media files deleted / lost from memory cards
  • With the aid of the demo version of this tool you can evaluate the recovery chances by checking the recovered data with “Preview” option
  • Easily recovers complete data from formatted, re-formatted, repartitioned and crashed hard disk drives from both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Can find the file from list depending on the date of creation, file extension, name, type and size of the file using its inbuilt Find-tool

If you have lost your data and want to recover them, then just follow these few simple steps:

  • Download the software by clicking here and install it on your PC
  • Launch the application and select “Recover Partitions / Drive”
  • Now you can select the drive from which data needs to be recovered
  • Press “Next” and the scanning process starts
  • After it completes, you can even view the file by using “Preview” option and choose the files for recovery
  • Once you buy the software, you can save the recovered files