Most Effective Method to Recover Deleted Files from Mac OS

Mac OS is the best operating system which is well known for its durability and efficient data storage capacity. Like other operating system, Mac OS also prone to deletion because of some unknown reasons. Sometimes while allocating free space on the Mac volume, the files of the existing volume might get deleted without your knowledge and then you may regret for your mistake. After the deletion process of files or folder from the Mac drive, the entry for that item is removed from the disk directory. Immediately the directory says that the space is empty but the deleted file still remains on the disk where it was. It still remains on the particular space till is not overwritten by the other new files. In fact the deleted files will be stored on the Mac Trash which is the storage capacity form all the deleted files.

Common causes by which you come across the situation for deletion of files from Mac

  • Common human mistake

Accidental deletion of files from the Mac drive.

Accidental deletion of partition or volume

  • Emptying Trash from  Mac

Inadvertent formatting/reformatting the partition or volume on Mac OS.

  • Harmful malware infection

Due to this viruses deletion of files takes place from the Mac drive.

Corruption of Mac OS X that will leads to system crash.

  • Secure Empty Trash

This option overwrites the files with random values several times. If you delete files by using this option then the files gets deleted from the Mac drive permanently.

  • Other reasons

Abrupt system shut down.

Deletion of files while creating the new partitions or volume, while creating the dual operating system.

Corruption of catalog record.

Deletion due to file system corruption, journal corruption, instant power supply while transferring files.

Precautionary steps to be taken to avoid deletion of files

  • • Make use of the power surge protector to prevent erasure of files from the system as a result of sudden reboot as it may also result in OS crash if it happens when you’re downloading virtually any application or having support of the data.

    • Maintain as much as few of folders as you possibly on the drive.

    • Be cautious even while undertaking your deletion means of unneeded data files.

    • If you will find the single volume with your Mac appliance, next set up the software program on an additional Macintosh machine.


How to solve problem of deletion of files from Mac OS

When you encounter the deletion of files problem from the mac drive you will be thinking of how to recover files deleted on mac os x. Don’t worry use the best  file recovery tool Mac that effectively supports you to get back all the deleted files easily.

Versatile Preview Ability of this Mac deleted file recovery software

  • It has the option to preview the file before recovery, in order to let you to check the file in advance along with the file name.
  • This software also helps to recover video, audio files and watch those recovered files to confirm which you need to recover.
  • This software also helps to preview documents, archives, emails and permits you to exactly the desired one to recover.

Some of the features of this recovery software

  • This Mac file recovery software easily recover files that are deleted or emptied from Mac Trash.
  • Effectively recover files that are lost after formatting of Mac volume / drive.
  • It also supports to restore deleted files on Apple PowerPC and Intel machines

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