External drives are storage devices are not part of computer and are connected to the computer through cable. This is distinct from internal drive. Examples of external drives are external hard drive, optical devices like compact disk, digital video disk, USB drives, memory stick, and tape drives floppy disk drives etc. Internal drive stores all data including operating system, personal files like photos, video clips, audio songs etc and application programs as well as system programs. As computer evolved needs and threats are arisen such […]

Best DoD Drive Wipe Software

Windows is surely an operating-system known for its elevated built-in technology and proficient features. Microsoft designed it to be able to fulfill the requirements of different people based on their needs in business as well as personal environments. It is a user-friendly os. Windows have different versions of operating systems for example Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. Windows XP was renowned as more stable and efficient compared to the older versions of Windows.Hard disks are […]

Memory cards, USB flash drives, external hard disk drives, memory sticks are the external, removable storage devices that are utilized to store wide range of data. Among these removable devices, memory cards can be used by portable electronic devices like cameras, PDA’s, MP3 players, cell phones etc. Whereas, USB flash drives are generally used to transfer the info from one device to other device. Both memory card and flash drive uses flash memory i.e. non-volatile memory to save data. The flash memory does not need […]

Partitioning is dividing disk drive of your computer into multiple drives. Each partition can be a section of your hard drive and it works as if it’s a separate hard drive. Partition is named as Volume in Mac operating system. Partitioning is necessary because keeping data, applications and OS on the same partition can be risky. If the partition get corrupted or lost from a system you won’t be able to access that drive. Although you may boot with external drive you won’t be able […]

Every so often, you may receive an error message, as Outlook PST file cannot access. Such kind of error messages are concerning with the corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file. Outlook PST files are the Outlook database files in which Microsoft outlook manages to store Outlook attributes such as E-mail Messages, Journals, Calendar items, and Appointments etc in a customized manner. Corruption of Outlook PST file can make the Outlook attributes inaccessible or lost, resulting in discouraged condition. However, Outlook facilitates an inbuilt inbox repair […]

Memory cards are one of the fascinating discoveries of digital world. They are used as memory storage devices for mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders and other electronic devices. These day’s multimedia mobiles are equipped with inbuilt mp3 players, camera and video player and require memory card to store these files. There are various types of memory cards used some of them are SD card, CF card, xD card, SmartCard etc. Among these memory card SD card is widely used due to its low price, small […]

Recycle Bin is a container, which holds the files that are deleted from the system. Usually Recycle Bin is located on the desktop. There is a size limitation for the Recycle Bin, if deleted files exceed the size of the Recycle Bin then those deleted files will bypass from the Recycle Bin. Those deleted files will not move to Recycle Bin. If any file is deleted from system accidentally then that file can be restored from the Recycle Bin. If deleted files bypass from the […]

Have you deleted accidentally any important files from your system? After deleting files, have you emptied Recycle Bin? If yes then there is no need to worry regarding how to recover recycle Bin files. There are many file recovery softwares are available, which you can use to recover deleted or lost files. There are many scenarios, due to which file loss occurs from the system. When any files are deleted by right clicking on files and then by selecting delete option, deleted files will move […]

Formatted Mac Partition Recovery

Maintaining critical and important digital information is very simple by using Mac operating system. Mac is highly reliable and secure operating system which will never get infect by some virus or malware. Mac uses HFS and HFS+ file system to store and organize the files and folders. Whenever a user stores some file in Mac system, two components will be assigned to the stored file. One is resource fork which holds all the information related to stored file manipulation and the other one is data […]

Technical evolutions brought a new look to the world of photography. Ancient cameras are completely replaced by fully automated digital cameras because of its output quality, picture resolution, user friendliness, etc. When it comes to storage, most of the digital cameras use SD cards to store the captured images. Secure Digital (SD) cards are non-volatile flash storage devices which are compact in size, provides huge amount of storage space and cost effective. Most of the people store their captured photos in computer hard drives or […]

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