In these days, deletion or loss of file from the system or any other electronic devices such as camcorders, smart phones, digital cameras and more that supports or holds the slot of memory stick is the biggest problem around the world. Many users are suffering a lot by this data loss, they are losing their important files like videos, mp3 songs, word documents, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spread sheets, image files etc. And they assume that they cannot get back their deleted files. But the fact […]

How to Recover SDXC Card Data?

SDXC- Secure Digital eXtended Capacity SDXC is the latest type of memory card released in 2010 which meets the demands of FULL HD recording in terms of capacity and speed. The SDXC card has the same dimensions of a SD and SDHC card, but is ONLY compatible with SDXC devices. SDXC cards begin at 64GB with speeds up to 104MB/s and have a road map to 2TB with speed up to 300MB/s. SDXC uses the exFAT file system to handle large data volumes and files sizes over 4GB. A micro […]

Are you person who is searching for a recovery tool in order to recover lost data from computer? If your response is “YES” then you can recover your vital data by making the use Computer File Recovery tool, which is developed by the group of data recovery experts, in order to provide full support to the people who have lost data from computer. Files are accidentally deleted from the computer when the user applies shift delete combination key in order to remove data from the […]

Simple Way to Restore USB Data

USB drives are conventional collectively and are known as convenient device. They are intended with a built-in platform to deal with all stored data. USB drives are largely utilized to lay up very significant data securely. These days’ dissimilar brands of USB drives are obtainable in market. They become user friends due to their profitable size and better data hoarding ability. USB drives have many advantages, but beside it, they can also guide to data loss circumstances. USB drives can save necessary files, documents, music […]

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows operating system that has been developed and released by Microsoft.  Windows 10 comes with new features like Task view, a virtual desktop system, integrated support for fingerprint, face recognition login, etc. Windows 10 data are stored on hard drive. Hard drive is divided into more than one parts and each part is known as partition. The partition is used to manage data of hard drive efficiently. There are numerous ways where data from partition may get lost. […]

Video files are the only media file which is included both the audio listening and video watching. These files have the different file container format such as MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. The different media player allows these files to play and support on it as these files are saved on the different file extension like .avi, .mov, etc. Depending upon the content of the information, the size of the video file varies. These files can be easily store in the different operating system as they […]

NEF is the abbreviation of Nikon Electronic Format. It is a RAW file format, used in Nikon cameras to save photos. RAW images are noting but digital negatives which cannot be directly used as images, but contains the information needed to create an image. NEF files have more ample quality so the image stored in NEF format will have high resolution. This file either use loss less compression technique or the file is not at all compressed. The captured NEF images can be saved as […]

“I was looking to recover lost partition from my Mac hard drive that was formatted and had close to half its capacity filled with personal data of mine. Can I successfully be able to recover lost partition on Mac from a formatted hard disk or is it just a waste of time?” Recovering lost partitions after formatting your Mac hard drive can certainly be performed on your Mac hard drive but only by making use of a Mac hard drive recovery software. Not any Mac […]

Nowadays, USB flash drives have become primary portable storage device for saving the data. Because, USB drives provide larger storage capacities and they are more convenient to carry. USB drives are also referred as jump drives, key chain drives, thumb drives, pen drives, etc. Storage capacity of USB drive is ranging from 16MB to 256GB whereas data transfer speed of USB drive is up to 35MBps. A USB drive can be plugged directly to your computer by using built-in connectors. When you connect your USB […]

“Anyone help me please!!! I have a 500GB HDD with 2 partitions on my Mac OS X. Yesterday, I was using QuickTime player to watch a movie and all of a sudden I encountered a system shut down. Now, when I restarted, suddenly I was not able to access my main partition where I have stored all my important files. I tried the disk utility to check the HDD and saw the other partition, but the volume name was changed to default. I also tried […]

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