Apart from Internal hard drives, there are so many storage devices are available in today’s market such as external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards and so on. These types of storage devices give you backup data storage option of the internal hard drives. There are many external hard drives manufacturing companies in market like Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Seagate, WD, Hitachi and so on. In all these brands, Hitachi is one of the best, which provides you a long lasting HDD as well as Manufacturer […]

ITunes is media library and online radio broadcaster developed by Apple Inc.It helps in organizing audio and video files on Mac devices. iTunes library files are created and maintained by iTunes. iTunes keeps track of all songs in the form of metadata with the help of iTunes Library. ITunes Library stores information such as artist and genre, equalizer, play count and rating details of the audio formats. iTunes Music store facilitate storing of music files in internet thus there is no need of physical storage […]

“Few days back, I was busy in removing files and folders from my Apple computers Trash Folder to free up some space on Trash Folder. But, in a hurry I forgot to check the content of the Mac Trash Folder before performing deletion operation on Trash. After a while, I realize the mistake which I have done. I have worried a lot and I have no idea how to recover those deleted files from my Apple computer Trash Folder? I have struggled a lot to […]

Flash card or simply called as memory card has a remarkable and significant application over the eras. From the day it born on 1990’s to till date, it has used on various devices from first flash card ‘PC Card’ to ‘XQD card’. Flash card is a platform independent, portable, nonvolatile, tiny in dimensions, light weight, high capacity and it is known for its excellence in storage and high data transfer rate for digital information. Flash cards are widely used in all remote computing devices such […]

Hard drive is a secondary storage device that stores all types of data like office documents, audio files, image files, video files and so on. The size of the hard drive varies from 80GB to 2TB. The hard drives can be divided into several partitions in order to separate personal data from system data. When the hard drive is divided into several partitions then there will be a chance of losing data from the partitions due to various reasons like accidental deletion, formatting, reformatting, file […]

Have you ever lost your precious files after factory reset? Do you want to recover files after factory reset? Are you searching for a solution to get back your important data? If yes, just refer this article because here I am going to illustrate an advanced way to restore your vital data after factory reset. File recovery tool is one of the highly developed tools by which you can restore files after factory reset without much difficulty. This file recovery software has been designed and […]

Unintended deletion of files may appear on any kind of hard disk regardless of which OS it’s operating on. The deleted files that are of great significance to user can’t end up being opened without utilization of powerful recovery tool in the right time. Now the overall question that occurs in users thoughts is that what goes on to the removed files? Actually no file is wiped out even if it’s deleted in different manner for example Shift + Delete, emptying of Reuse Bin or […]

Have you deleted or lost your favorite video file? Are you searching a way to recover the lost or deleted files? Then you need not to stress more.  Recovery tool named Video File Recovery works good for you to get back the lost video files at just few clicks. This software helps you in retrieving the lost or deleted video files without altering the original content of lost video file. Commonly video files include both audio listening and visual viewing at a time. Video files […]

In case of Windows computer, boot partition is a drive where Windows operating system files are saved. By default, any data downloaded from internet is being saved in boot partition only. Hence, if the Windows boot partition got deleted accidentally then there will be loss of large amount of data. And if, it is single OS based computer then deletion of such partition may also lead to Windows startup failure. To overcome these trouble, you need to recover deleted Windows boot partition. For restoring the […]

Since 1 year, I am using Toshiba DT01ACA Series hard drive of 650GB file storage capability. In this 1 year, I have saved hundreds of important documents and media files in this hard drive without any difficulty. But, yesterday, when I tried to access my hard drive partition in my from my system, I encountered an pop up error like Disk drive not formatted; Do u want to format it? At that time, I was not able to understand the reason for that error message. […]

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