“I have a digital camera from which I deleted all the photos accidentally. I had over 200 photos in the camera SD card, so is there a way to recover deleted photos from my camera in any possible way?” You can surely recover photos from camera provided you make use of a photo recovery software on your computer to retrieve the deleted photos. If you are still wondering how to recover deleted photos from camera, then you can watch this video which shows you how […]

Microsoft PowerPoint is an effective tool that can be used on Windows 8 and other versions of Windows operating systems to create presentation slides. Windows 8 is the latest operating system version released by Microsoft Inc. Most of the users like professionals, teachers, students, professors, business man, etc. use Microsoft PowerPoint tool on their Windows 8 computers for preparing their presentation files. The PowerPoint presentation files may contains images, hyperlinks, texts, graphics, animations, etc therefore it needs much effort to create a PPT file. Microsoft […]

In this modern era, many camera or Smartphone users make use of SanDisk(SD) card to store pictures, videos, music, songs and other multimedia files. As this SD card is useful device in keeping all your crucial files, it also prone to data loss. One of the most common issue that most of the SD card user come across is format.  On some occasion, the system might have trouble in reading the card and report a boot error. If you user know that there is data […]

“Help!!! Last night I was heedlessly going through the media library on my Android Smartphone. I was deleting one clip that was not needed, but it turns out that I wiped the whole media library as I clicked on Delete All option by mistake. I recorded MP4 video files on the Memory card storage, is there any way by which I can recover MP4 video files on my Android SD Card?” Are you one of the pessimist who end up with loss of memorable MP4 video […]

In a computer, generally you use hard disk drives to store data such as documents, photo files, videos, and audio files etc. Hard drive can be divided in to several partitions/drives such as Local Disk (C:) for installed software, Local Disk (D:) for audio file and Local Disk (F:) for video file etc., to make it easy to store the data. A partition can be defined as a part of your hard disk that has been specifically prepared with File System so that it can […]

One of the greatest achievement for this century is mobile phones such as Blackberry, Sony, HTC, Micromax and so on. Blackberry is best because of its fabulous features. By using Blackberry phone you can capture photos, store music files, shoot videos, use internet and so on. However you can store all these files on your Blackberry phone internal memory. But sometimes your internal memory may be not sufficient to store these files, so you may use media cards in Blackberry phone which can store all […]

Most of the Mac users frequently partition their PC, so that they are able to run both Apple Mac OS as the default OS and Windows or Linux as the additional operating system. But this operation may not work properly in some circumstances. You can find some causes that prevent your Mac PC from partitioning the hard drive successfully that includes power failure, virus attack, corrupted file, and many other things. One of the most common problem is deletion of partition from Mac computer. Now […]

How to Retrieve Partitions?

  A computer program has memory safe-keeping device called hard disk (HDD). There are various kinds of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI and IDE that are manufactured by various brands like Seagate, Samsung, LaCie, Western digital, Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba, and so forth. Hard drive is often a data storage device used for storing and finding digital information. The system hard drive can even be segmented into amount of logical units/drives known as as partitions. Partition might be of any variety like active partition, FRESH […]

iPhoto is one of the usefule digital photo cataloguing application software that is built for Mac OS. Generally his application is used to import, maintain, print, share and edit photos from digital cameras, scanners, and internet. It has an ability to store all these photos in a specific folder called as iPhoto library folder. iPhoto affords some advanced features like full screen display modes, Facebook enhancement, face recognition and etc. Other than photos the iPhoto library folder also contains files that represent attributes that incldues […]

In this modern era, with the rapid development of Android, so many system gens are transformed in to phone gens or Tablet gens. Evidently, fuselage storage capacity of the Android Smartphone’s already cannot satisfy the needs of the user. Hence it is necessary to expand the storage capacity of the Android device. Well, SD card helps in expanding the storage capacity of the Android Smartphone. This SD card plays an important role in the process of Android device usage. All the important and precious files […]

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