Partition Recovery Software

FAT and NTFS are the two most common file formats used in Windows Operating System. FAT stands for File Allocation Table and  NTFS stands for  New Technology File System .FAT and NTFS file systems often get damaged due to physical or logical damages caused to the hard disk.

The best partition recovery software allows you to regain all the data trapped within the defected logical partitions. This application is found to be effective even if your whole hard drive has got crashed.  You can not only utilize it to get back data from crashed or dead partitions but you can also utilize it to recover data from formatted or reformatted partitions. Recovers mechanical drive, power surge failure , business critical data which get lost due to accidental deletion, drive formatting, disk making clicking sounds, virus attack, flood, fire, or even sabotage. This application is capable of recovering lost data from hard-disk drives formatted on Windows, Mac and other operating systems. It can also recover desktop and  laptop physical and logical drive, NAS Storage, RAID Servers, CD-DVD, Removable Drives & other digital Devices. This software program assures the recovery of  data when others pronounce it irrecoverable and dead.

This kind of accurate and extensive recovery level is reached with the help powerful and effective scanning algorithms. These  scanning algorithms let you recover every bit of lost data which is found to be missing because of partition corruption. This application restores lost files and folders on all windows operating systems like Window 7, Window Vista, windows XP, etc. Restore partition on windows 7  is a fast and effective tool for recovering the data lost due to corruption of NTFS and FAT file systems on Windows 7. This software provides stronger and faster recovery of data from the deleted or formatted partitions of the hard drives on your PC. This application provides efficient data recuperation processes, which captures missing data from each sector of the physical drive.  It proves to be useful in cases where the entire data, file or folder on the physical drive gets corrupted. The tool has an evaluation version and provides free partition restoration. Use this free demo version to preview retrieved data and  also analyze the working of the tool before going for the paid version.

Restore missing partition supports multiple types of hard drives drives like EIDE, IDE and SATA, SCSI, PAN, ZIP. This software program also supports retrieval of missing data, files, folders from external data storing devices like pen drives, USB drives, Memory stick, memory cards, etc.  It  can very easily and smoothly get back lost or  damaged videos, documents, photos, music files, movies and  many other such files. Moreover  you can also use this tool  to salvage deleted files easily.  It is able to retrieve lost data which had even bypassed the recycle bin of your PC. And  it is also capable of recuperating lost data   which is  found to be emptied from Recycle Bin. The file systems which are supported by this software program are NTFS5, NTFS,  FAT 16, FAT 32 and runs smoothly and efficiently on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, and MS DOS versions.