Recover iTunes After Hard Drive Crash

The worst situation that occurs often to the regularly used computer users is hard drive crash. This is a serious concern in case the data backup has not been updated or never maintained the backup. You might lose your favorite songs, video clips and memorable pictures from iTunes. You might be purchased these songs from iTunes store and spent lot of time to collect best pictures. This is really irritating situation to collect these songs and pictures once again. By keeping these things in mind, there is lots of companies developed iTunes recovery software.  This tool is capable to retrieve iTunes data from the crashed hard drive.

What are the reasons behind hard drive crash?               

Power Surge: Many computer users do not have surge protectors as they think that the standard power strip is good enough to protect their computers. However, many times the power will fluctuates and causes hard drive failure.

Logical errors: Many logical errors may occur due to human interactions. For example, the hard drive cannot boot when the user is accidentally deleted Microsoft Windows boot file. In other cases, the master boot record may get overwritten by the virus and some other infected applications. Because of this, the Microsoft sets the boot files hidden by default. When the user is looking to edit any file on hard drive, if the boot files are touched by the user, then it can lead to a hard drive crash.

File System Corruption: One of the major reasons for hard drive crash is file system corruption. Many times the file system on your hard drive may get corrupted due to sudden shutdown of system, malware attack, etc. Once the file system is corrupted, the Windows cannot identify the files location and hence the loss of files occurs.

Whatever may be the reason, you can recover iTunes after hard drive crash, by using iTunes recovery software. This is the most powerful application designed especially to recover iTunes from the corrupted hard drive. This tool is also compatible to recover iTunes under the scenarios like synchronization error, iTunes folder corruption, iTunes crash, etc.

There are some people eager to know how to retrieve pictures after factory restore. However, the picture recovery after factory restore is not different to the way, which you follow in case of hard drive crash. Whether you have restored factory settings on iPod or computer, iTunes recovery software is always available to help you. For more information on how to retrieve pictures after factory restore, you can visit at –

ITunes recovery software is designed with many inbuilt recovery modules. For this reason, it is possible to recover photos (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, RAW images, etc), music (MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, AIF, AIFF, etc) and videos (AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, etc), etc. from iTunes. To find lost data on hard drive, it will make use of inbuilt scanning algorithm. In order to make sure about iTunes recovery, one can also download free demo version of this software. It will provide you the preview of recovered files along with signatures. In case you want to save these files, the software lets you to save recovery session. Thus there is no need of scanning you hard drive once again after activating the product.