How to Retrieve Lost Data?

Everybody knows that if there is no space in the recycle bin, then data will bypass the recycle bin. You can retrieve data from USB drives, flash memory, hard drive, pen drive or from any storage devices like memory card and XD card. You can also retrieve files or data which may have emptied from recycle bin. Moreover there is choice to recover deleted or lost files from command prompt and deleted through Shift + Delete key. Assume that you might have deleted some files by mistake, then what you will really do? Just don’t worry about it because you can retrieve your lost data by utilizing numerous recovery softwares. To retrieve those data you have to use one of the recovery software like Windows recover software according to your system configuration or main system as well as of internet data.


To retrieve files, photos, media files like audios and videos, you may use Windows pro recovery tools. This could happen due to the irresponsibility of yourself as well as a result of software used in the body. If you have lost your important data, then which is the best way to recover data from bad sector? If you need only documentary files then you need to use Windows basic edition. For recovery of audios and videos, you can use Windows media edition. As long as, you can use Windows pro edition recovery software. It could recover more than 300 file types or formats. It’ll be more easier that you can recover particular data. If the format wouldn’t available, then you can type the format to search that file. It can recover deleted compressed files from NTFS formatted drives with Alternate Data Streams attribute. It helps in recovery of internet data from SCSI or IDE hard disk drives, Files, texts, documents, MMC flash memory cards, external USB drives and iPods. It may recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT partitions / drives.

If you have a fault in your external hard drive, then how to restore lost data from external HDD? There is no need to be afraid since the data recovery software can easily bring back your lost data.

There are plenty of causes available due to which files are lost. Those are:
• Anomalous deletion of files or folder using Shift + Delete key.
• When power failure happens and you haven’t saved the document, then you may lose data.
• Due to partition from Windows Disk Management utility / Alternative party tools.
• While creating new partitions using 3rd party utilities, then data may damage.
• When the device starts for booting, if in those days any error comes that causes for data loss.
•  If you wish to create free space within partitions then that may lead to the deletion of files.
• When you want to empty the recycle bin and you lost all data.

Just follow the simple steps for hard drive recovery :

  1. Connect the external hard drive into your system. Install the recovery software and run that in your system. After launch the software, you’ll get three options from which you have to select “Partition recovery”.
  2. After that you can select the external drive which you have connected to your system.
  3. Immediately, it’ll start scanning and then the recovery process.
  4. When the process will over, you can preview the recovered file. If you are satisfied with the end result, then you can save the file after purchasing the full version.