Retrieve Lost and Deleted Partition from Your Computer

imagesIn a computer, generally you use hard disk drives to store data such as documents, photo files, videos, and audio files etc. Hard drive can be divided in to several partitions/drives such as Local Disk (C:) for installed software, Local Disk (D:) for audio file and Local Disk (F:) for video file etc., to make it easy to store the data. A partition can be defined as a part of your hard disk that has been specifically prepared with File System so that it can store your data.

In a computer user can maintain  a single partition or can have  many partitions based on hard drive capacity. In Windows Operating System you can divide a hard drive in to required partitions. Sometime you unexpectedly face the problem of loss or deletion of partition from your hard drive due to different reasons. For example, in Windows it contains built in “Disk Partition Management” to perform partitioning of the hard disk, this can be used to create partition, delete, re-size etc.

While creating partitions using Disk Partition Management, if you accidentally delete the partition, then it could be a big problem for you. Nowadays, so many people are facing similar situations. However, you can recover deleted or lost partition in every situation by using NTFS Recovery software. Here at: users get the best tutorial to recover data from missing or deleted NTFS hard drive partitions.

Reasons behind loss or deletion of partition on your system:

  • File System Corruption: File system can be corrupted due to various reasons, such as sudden power failure, improper system shutdown, driver issues, etc. This file system corruption can cause loss of partition from hard drive resulting in inaccessibility of data.
  • Hard Drive Failure: Hard drive failure may occur because of improper system shutdown, power surges, etc., this type of situation leads to loss of partition from the hard drive which in-turn causes loss of data.
  • Using of Unauthorized Third Party Software: With the use of unauthorized third party software for partitioning or re-partitioning your hard drive, you may face problem of deletion of partition from your computer.
  • Virus Attacks: As a result of heavy virus attacks on your computer hard drive, partitions get unreachable and it refused to open when you tried to open it. Thus the data contained in it get loss.
  • Reinstallation of Operating System: When you reinstall the Operating System, improper knowledge of reinstallation process may result in deletion of partition.

What makes you use NTFS Recovery software?

NTFS Recovery software can be used to recover lost or deleted partitions in all the circumstances which often lead to data loss by making NTFS partitioned data inaccessible to user. This application has user friendly wizard to ease retrieval of data from NTFS partitions. With the aid of latest advanced drive scanning modules to this application provides recovery of files from partitioned drive within less duration of time.

Most promising features of NTFS Recovery program!

  • NTFS Recovery software is the best recovery tool to recover lost or deleted partition in few simple steps
  • It is the most professional software and contains built in scanning algorithm which helps you to find and recover lost or deleted logical partition
  • This NTFS Recovery software supports recovery of deleted partition on all versions of Windows (Windows8, Windows7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows XP) Operating Systems
  • By using NTFS Recovery software you can recover data on hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. and you can recover lost or deleted partition from file system like NTFS, NTFS5, etc.
  • NTFS Recovery software contains “Save Recovery Session” option, which can be used to save or resume the recovery session at any time, due to this there is no need to rescan drive again
  • With the help of this software you can find the files in recovery list by typing the file extension using Built in “Find Tool” option
  • NTFS Recovery software can locate files based on creation date, file extension, file size, and name

Simple steps to recover lost or deleted partition from your computer

Here is the best software to recover deleted or missing partition from your computer hard drive. Some of the simple steps you have to follow using NTFS Recovery software are follows:

  • You can get free trial version of NTFS Recovery software. Download the software and install it on your computer to recover lost or deleted partition
  • After installing the software on your computer you’ll get options like Recovery Lost Partition and Recovery Deleted Partition
  • Choose the proper option, if you have lost the partition then you can choose Recover Lost Partition, or else you can choose the option Recover Deleted Partition if you deleted the partition from your system in this software
  • Select the drive/partition on your system hard disk on Windows Operating System and scan it
  • After scanning it provides all lost or deleted partitions, you can choose the partition which you want to recover
  • Using “Save Recovery Session” you can save the recovery session at any time, no need to rescan the computer hard disk drives.
  • You can preview recovered data before storing and the recovered data can be stored on particular storage space as desired.

How to protect your Hard Disk Drive Partition

  • Try to keep back up of important data on other external storage device
  • After loss or deletion of partition from your computer do not store any new data on the hard drive