Retrieve Lost Files from Windows Hard Drive

Hard drive is integral part of your computer, whose major purpose is to store large amount of data in form of different files. These can be different media files like music files, videos, and photos or text files such as Word files, PowerPoint files, spreadsheets, emails, etc and lot more type of files. However there are many scenarios that could lead to the loss of these valuable files from hard disk of your Windows computer. When you are in such trouble, you need to make use of some third party software available on internet to retrieve lost files from hard drive. Recover Windows is a powerful lost file recovery tool that assists you in getting back all types of files that are lost due to some unavoidable conditions.

This has ability to restore data from formatted or reformatted partitions and from inaccessible partitions on your hard drive. It uses file signature search to quickly locate and retrieve lost/deleted files by scanning the entire hard drive. You can preview the recovered files before saving them on to any healthy partition. It restores files from hard drive partitions that are lost under the following scenarios:

·Formatting: When you wrongly format some partition on hard drive instead of some other partition, for an instance selecting D: drive instead of E: drive can result in loss of data present on formatted partition.

·  Accidental Deletion:  Files might get accidentally deleted when you use Shift+Delete keys on Windows PC. Wrong usage of cut and paste commands, emptying of recycle bin can cause loss of valuable files from hard disk drive.

·Hard Drive Crash: Virus attacks, file system conversion errors, bad sectors on hard drive, partition errors, etc are the reasons that can lead to crashed hard drive, which becomes inaccessible and lead to the loss of valuable data saved on it.

 ·Partitioning Errors: Trying to create new partitions by using some inefficient third party tools may delete files on hard drive.

·Common Errors: Abrupt shut down of computer and sudden fluctuations in power supply, usage of some third party tools might result in loss of precious files from your computer.

In all the above mentioned data loss situations, you can comfortably use this file recovery tool to retrieve hard drive files in an effective way. It is has fast scan engine that has ability to restore more than 300 file types and has Find option to locate any file from the list of recovered files. The prominent feature of this tool is that you can even recover data from inaccessible hard drive. To bypass the bad sectors of hard drive, it creates exact replica of hard drive known as disk image files and later you can recover Windows hard drive data with the aid of these image files.

 It supports lost file recovery on different type of hard drives and you can recover files from external USB drives, memory cards, iPods, etc.  This award winning tool is reviewed by many industry experts to perform data recovery on different operating systems of Windows like Windows XP, 7, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Download and install the trial version of this Windows recovery software to get overview of its features and to estimate its performance. 


Retrieve Lost Files from Windows Hard Drive