Smart tool to Backup Outlook Calendar

The MS Outlook Calendar could be the scheduling module of Outlook and it is fully consists of email, notes, deleted items, nicknames, contacts, and other files. It can be one among best email client application, which is often used worldwide at work environment. One can possibly easily access stored emails without access to the internet, which enable it to manage emails while receiving and sending. All Outlook data stores in a PST file called personal storage table. Calendar items, notes, settings, emails, contacts etc are stored into this PST file.

Ultimate goals of Outlook calendar are

  • Creating a meeting
  • Creating an meeting and welcoming others into a meeting
  • Set reappearance for meetings and appointments
  • Creating  tasks
  • Applying color categories to calendar items
  • Creating all-day actions
  • Supervising your free/busy information

Sometimes these scheduled events information from calendar may get delete because of various reasons for example PST file corruption after attacked by virus threats, exceeding PST file size limit and deletion of PST file on account of accidental format or reformat and also other reasons. While accessing calendar information you could possibly accidentally delete it. Once those info is deleted that tougher task to generate again. Therefore, to counteract such loss of data, backup Outlook calendar data regularly, but accomplishing this manually its difficult job which is time-consuming. Have you ever tired with in performing Outlook backup data manually? Do not trouble yourself you might be at right location to obtain a solution for this. Through the use of data backup tool one can perform Microsoft Outlook PST file backup and its contents including notes, calendar items, inbox items, deleted items, settings etc. within a straightforward technique. Even employing this user can Migrate Outlook data from older PC to newer PC without losing any Outlook files and makes simple that process simple.

Various factors that cause lack of calendar items from Outlook are

In all of the Outlook application, there is a PST file size limit. In Outlook 2000, PST file size is 2GB, incase PST file exceeds its file size then PST file starts corrupting itself to result in deletion of files including calendar items. Even when accessing Outlook data if accidentally delete calendar details then also ends in loss of Outlook data

Suppose in case you are needing to have dual OS within a system then you’ll prefer to delete a partition on Windows by making use of disk utility management tool. It can be used to vary, create, and resizing existing partitions dynamically in hard disk. However, while deleting intended partition in case you delete very much-needed partition that ends in loss of files stored on that drive. However, if your PST file is additionally stored with that drive in that case your outlook application become unapproachable and results in loss of vital calendar information.

Consider you meant to change file system from one file system to other i.e. NTFS to NTFS5, then while reformatting along with other file system by accident, in case you installed on other drive rather than installing on existing file system, that erases all data stores with that drive and cause data loss from that as well as including PST file.

Therefore, before losing data from Outlook, backup all Outlook data properly without missing one particular file. After end for the day schedule backup event, to help you avoid huge loss of data from Outlook and in many cases including vital calendar items. However, manual backup of Outlook, it is just a frustrating and hard one. So, use Outlook backup tool to schedule atomic backup event to backup all Outlook data. It will also support to migrate Outlook data including profile settings from system with other. Moreover, you will be able to carry out MS Outlook calendar backup by employing this user-friendly tool on Microsoft windows XP.

Outstanding options that come with this tool are:

  • Supports all versions of Outlook including Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2008 and Outlook 2010 etc
  • Helps user to migrate Outlook data from older PC to newer PC in the simple way
  • It’s the best backup utility for Outlook
  • Facilitates to generate unlimited variety of backup profiles

Safety majors in order to avoid loss of data from Outlook

  • Close Outlook application properly before shutdown of PC
  • Carefully access Outlook data and get away from simple loss of data on account of user mistakes
  • Always scan your personal computer with updated antivirus in order to avoid virus threats attacking your Outlook application
  • Regularly backup outlook data automatically by scheduling backup event after your day