Software Recover Data after Repartition

How do I recover files lost from Windows 8 PCs after repartition of logical drives or physical drive? This is probably the question of many people asked when they have somehow lost their data from hard drive after repartitioning it. Many times when a repartition is conducted on the hard disk drives or partitions of the hard disk drive on Windows 8, the course will not conclude aptly. Usually crashing is seen sooner than it finishes. This may be caused by altered form of the problems like bad sector on the hard disk, incorrect software setting up, unforeseen implementation in resizing panel wrong operation, or crash due to power slip-up or additional tribulations of the hard disks again due to bad sectors and still much more. Where beforehand the PC would reboot and be functional, systems often beg off to start and may create many error messages that are currently displayed on the screen of your Windows 8 PC as below-

  • Invalid sector
  • Cannot find file or program
  • Invalid
  • Primary/Secondary Hard disk failure
  • Non system disk
  • Disk error

At the instances when you have come by problem of reparation error or data lost due to repartition error then click on this particular web site This illustrates about the tool used to recover data after repartition. It has also explained each and every step which is required to retrieve data lost after repartitioning. Visit this link, whenever you face the problem of data losses due to partitioning or repartitioning. Disk Partition Recovery standard is the recovery software for data deleted from hard disk repartition, which is used to restore the main boot trace, divider table, and the boot sector of the repartitions which has error to improve the FAT32, FAT16, NTFS5, EXT2, EXT3, SWAP partition on different hard disk drives.

Now let’s see what is partition?

To divide a memory or mass storage into an accessible section in Disk operating system (DOS), you can generate a division of a particular disk and every divider will act like a part disk drive. Repartition is chiefly functional, if you use more than one operating system. Like, you may set aside specific partition for Windows and an additional for another one. This is due to the fact that the file system used by Windows 8 operating system assigns large size based on the disk’s size: the better the cluster, the superior the disk. Unluckily this large cluster may upshot in damage out disk room which is also referred by the name slack space. Recovery of data from repartitioned hard drives is complex.  It is also a time and effort consuming process.


The first thing we recommend is to use Disk Partition Recovery program. It is very feasible software and can recover data from repartitioned hard drives without loss of any of the single data. You can use it to recover data from all types of hard disk like PATA, ATA, SATA, external hard disks. Disk Partition Recovery program is available on the above given link and can be used to recover data after repartition of any type or size like images, music files, video files, etc. within few mouse clicks.