The easiest way to recover deleted emails using PST repair tool

Electronic mail, commonly known as email is a method of exchanging digital messages. Now a days email has become so popular that most of the people treat emailing as one of their basic need in day to day life, both for professional and for personal communication. There are various applications available which support emails transmission, one such popular application which is widely used is MS Outlook. MS Outlook is email client bundled with Microsoft Office. Along with email Outlook comes with many other attributes like Calendar, Tasks, Contact Manager, RSS feeds, and much more. People use this Outlook to manage their mails and other personal information. Microsoft Outlook uses .pst file to store all the data related to above mentioned attributes. If that .pst file gets corrupt or deleted, Outlook may not work appropriately and user may lose entire data which is stored in Outlook, in such scenarios PST repair tool gets a role to play.

There are many reasons due to which PST file may be corrupt or user may have missing or delete emails. Some of these are as follows;

  • When the .pst file exceeds in size
  • By the third party applications like antivirus
  • Due to power surge when Outlook is in use
  • By changing the default location of .pst file
  • While sharing between different users over the network

If you come across any of the above mentioned problem don’t think that your data is lost forever and you cannot get Outlook working again. There are many ways to repair Outlook, recover deleted emails and get back your data which is stored in Outlook. Initially try with the MS Outlook built-in tool scanpst.exe to repair, if you are unable to obtained required results, use an email recovery application. You will find plenty of PST recovery software, out of that few are free to try. These applications are safe to use, because they will not harm your original .pst file instead they treat your .pst file as read-only. They just read the contents of the .pst file and create a copy of that which you can later import back to your Outlook with all the recovered mails and documents that were deleted.

Few days back I had a problem with my Outlook, later I discovered the .pst file was corrupted. My friend suggested me an application to repair my Outlook, which is Remo Repair Outlook (PST). With the help of that application I repaired my corrupted .pst file, and successfully recovered my deleted mails along with important documents which were deleted. Now I have all my previous emails along with the settings I configured.

My advice for all other Outlook users is, while selecting any application don’t be in a hurry, just read about that product, try it on your own, if you are sure that it will definitely repair your Outlook and recover the deleted mails and documents, then you can purchase it.