Tool to Repair Outlook Data File (.pst)

Microsoft Outlook an ultimate leader in array of email clients, stores user data in two types of files namely: PST and OST. PST file is personal folder containing emails and other data stored locally on computer. And OST is cached copy of user’s mailbox stored at Microsoft exchange server. Both types of files are very important for Outlook without which the operation will not move further. Perhaps there might be certain users who might face problem while opening or accessing Outlook. Out of several reasons the most common cause behind inaccessibility will be damage of the PST file.


There are several causes behind PST file corruption:damage may result while abrupt termination of Outlook when the program freezes, damage structure of PST file, when the PST file is shared over network, faulty plugin installation, damaged header of PST file, incorrect configuration of Outlook and many others

You should also keep in mind that there are certain limits of Outlook such as size limit for every version of Outlook and also errors can be a threat sign of PST file corruption.

Steps to be taken when the PST file is corrupted

There are certain troubleshooting steps which can at times save you from further damage of PST file. Microsoft has included an inbuilt tool called Inbox Repair Tool (also ScanPST.exe), this small tool can help you fix certain issues associated with PST file. However this tool can fix corruption of PST file to an extent and after which the tool will be helpless. Moreover the tool will modify all its content while fixing the PST file. Thus this can be a drawback as it will lead to further damage of the file.

Note: If you are using Inbox Repair Tool to fix the PST file issues then make sure you take backup copy of the PST file in some safe location.

If you are unreachable with ScanPST.exe then you can depend on Best PST Repair Tool to fix the issues associated with PST file. There are many significance of this product when it comes to PST file repair.

One great thing about this tool is that it does not alter anything from original PST file (corrupted) but instead extract the content out of it to repair it and then make a new PST file out of it. Henceforth you will be providing both source and destination location for PST file. It is not just used to repair the Outlook issues but also used for recovering data from Outlook: deleted mails, contacts, tasks, appointments, journals, RSS feeds and others. Furthermore, it allows you to have a quick look on the recovered items before saving it to host location.

This PST repair tool can be convenient to use with various Outlook version such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Additionally, you can install the tool on almost all famous Windows operating systems including Windows 10. The software is simple to use as it is embedded with comprehensive interface which can be easily handled by any user. The tool has two effective options which can be used depending on the severity of the PST file.