Ultimate Program to Retrieve Formatted Android SD Card

In this modern era, with the rapid development of Android, so many system gens are transformed in to phone gens or Tablet gens. Evidently, fuselage storage capacity of the Android Smartphone’s already cannot satisfy the needs of the user. Hence it is necessary to expand the storage capacity of the Android device. Well, SD card helps in expanding the storage capacity of the Android Smartphone. This SD card plays an important role in the process of Android device usage. All the important and precious files like pictures, songs, movies, audios and even contacts, SMS, are all stored on SD card on the Android device. Although it has many advantageous features, Android SD card is not protected from data loss. One such common issue for data loss from Android SD card is format. If you carry out the format process by mistake or because of other reasons then you end up with erasure of all the files stored on it. After encountering such instances, the only question arise on your mind is how to recover formatted Android SD card?

If you need to overcome the issue of data loss from formatted Android SD card, it is recommended to make use of this professional data recovery tool. This utility is inbuilt with advanced scanning algorithm that scans the entire drive and restores all the files from formatted Android SD card in few minutes. Therefore you need not to worry on how to recover formatted Android SD card as this data recovery Android is there to you help you in recovering files from formatted Android SD card. This program supports to rescue Android formatted SD card brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Patriot, Lexar and many others in few minutes.

Sometimes, even after following such scenarios you may end up with format issue on Android SD card and loss all the precious files stored on it. Now let us discuss some other factors that lead to formatting of Android SD card

  • Unintentional formatting of Android SD card when it is connected to the system or from the Android device using “Format” option will delete complete files preserved on it.
  • Android SD card is intentionally formatted because of corruption issues that are caused due to virus infection, file system corruption etc. If you want to access file from that corrupted or damaged SD card on Android device then you need to format it.
  • When you are ejecting SD card either from the Android phones or memory card reader you may end up damaging it due to abrupt pull. On such occasion the drive header gets damaged and leads your operating system to prompt a format error and forces you to format. On formatting you end up with loss of files stored on it.

Data recovery Android will help you to rescue all types of file including images, music, video, APK file and all other effortlessly. Hence it is very easy to execute Android APK file recovery process with the help of this data recovery Android tool. One can use this data recovery Android application to rescue SD card files in various brands of Android mobiles such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Google Nexus, Galaxy Note etc. It supports data recovery from corrupted, damaged and inaccessible SD card used in Android mobiles.