Ways to recover the data from formatted hard drive

Hard drive is the secondary storage device where the user can store his files, folders and important data. There are several reasons for a hard disk to get crashed which may cause data loss from the hard drive.

Formatted hard disk is the scenario in which the hard disk data is completely erased and the data stored in the disk cannot be viewed. It is possible to perform formatted hard drive recovery using a good disk recovery software. Crash hard disk may occur for many reasons.  The following are some of the reasons of hard drive crash:

  • If the computer is not shutdown properly or due to power surge.
  • If the computer is attacked with virus.
  • While the computer is not formatted in a correct manner.
  • If the hard drive is not partitioned in a correct manner.

Crash of hard disk can occur when the computer is not shutdown properly or due to abruptly pulling of the wire from the current socket. Power surge can also be one of the causes for hard disk crash. If an improper shutdown occurs your registry files can get damaged and can bring the computer in unbootable state. Next time when you try to switch on the system it does not boot or start up, due to corrupt registry files.

Virus is a computer program that replicates itself and spread from one computer to another thereby destroying, corrupting and deleting files from the hard drive. Hard disk can crash when the computer is attacked with virus which erases your important files and folders from the hard drive. Virus can also delete/erase the system files and folders which help in booting of the system. Virus can also erase or delete the operating system files or the master boot record. Master boot record stores files which help in the booting of the operating system and if these files are erased then the computer may not boot or start up.

Formatting is the act of erasing what is currently on the drive. Formatting allows you to install or load new operating system in the hard drive. When the operating system is not in correct manner this can also cause hard drive failure. Formatting the hard drive many times will also lead to crash of hard drive.

Partition is the act of dividing the hard disk drives into multiple logical storage units. Crash of hard drive can occur when the hard drive is not partitioned in a correct manner resulting in loss of important data from the drive.

These are the reasons behind hard drive crash. If the hard drive is crashed you may lose important data from the drive. In this case you need to recover the data from the hard drive by using a good data recovery software. Remo software offers a good set of data recovery software’s which can help you to recover the data lost due to crash of hard drive. Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro edition software has special in-built algorithms that helps to recover deleted or lost data from any severe data loss scenarios. This software can also recover files, folders and other important data stored in your hard drive which was deleted or lost due to formatting, partitioning or files lost while FAT to NTFS conversion.